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Pyhä) – a ski resort in northern Finland in the Lapland Province. Located within the National Park Pyhä-Luosto National Park, 20 km from the resort Luosto.

The level of service and quality of training slopes Pyhä is deservedly considered one of the best ski resorts in the region. 14 ski resort slopes provide equal opportunities for experienced skiers and beginners.

ski season – from November to May.

With a lack of natural snow cover it successfully complement the artificial, providing ideal conditions for skiing throughout the season.

It is a school of mountain and cross-country skiing, professional instructors. Rental equipment.

Sporting opportunities the area: safari dog and reindeer sledding, on the Finnish sledge, snowmobile and snowshoeing, ice fishing.

Pyhya (pyh;)

Pyhya-Luosto (Pyhä-Luoston) – National Park in Finland, in Lapland Province. Was created in 2005, by the union of the oldest Finnish Pühyatunturi Park (created in 1938) and Luoto. It makes Pyhya-Luoto at the same time as the oldest and most new park of the country. The area is 142 km².

The relief of the park forms a line of 12 sobes (the most southern in Finland), which are the remnants of the ancient mountains. Pine forests grow on the hill, which has been more than 200 years old. The highest parks of the park: Neatatunturi (540m) and Ukko-Luosto (514m).

There are two ski resorts in the park: Pyhha (Pyha) and Luosto (Luosto).

Pyhya (pyh;)

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