Pyatigorsk in spring: for and against

I want to relax and warm up under the warm sun, but it is possible to improve health in the sanatorium and not to spend a fortune? Answer "Yes", If you go to Pyatigorsk, with its healing climate, mineral water and beautiful health resorts.

Main Pluses of rest in Pyatigorsk Spring:

Cost of vouchers. From the beginning of March to mid-May, rest here is cheaper than in the summer and early autumn. If you want to save, it is worth paying attention to the spring months.

Nature and climate. Pyatigorsk is famous for the abundance of sunny days and pure mountain air. The air temperature in the afternoon in March here is heated to +13 +15 s, and in April reaches +20 +23 s. Therefore, when snow in Moscow and St. Petersburg still lies snow, in Pyatigorsk you can already enjoy walks in the city and warm solar rays.

Benefit for health. More than 40 healing sources operate in the resort, including radon water, which improves the work of the heart, normalizes the composition of the blood and metabolism.

Cons rest in Pyatigorsk Spring is also worth pointing out: first, due to the low price of the passes is closer to the desired date of arrival in the popular spas may simply run out of space, and secondly, not all are equally comfortable with kids. So if you are planning a trip to Pyatigorsk family should find out in advance whether there is in the selected resorts necessary infrastructure for the children and at what age they are taken.

Best sanatorium Pyatigorsk:

1. «Narzan Pyatigorsk» – multi-resort, where mineral water is used more than 20 types: radon, carbon dioxide, sodium chloride and other. Here treat and to prevent diseases of the skin and the immune system, the respiratory system and the digestive, nervous and cardiovascular systems, etc.D. Also in the resort a special rehabilitation program is designed for expectant mothers and the rate of the complex weight loss and cleanse the body.

Pyatigorsk spring for and against

2. In a sanatorium "Spring" treat allergic, immunological and upper respiratory diseases, skin diseases and nervous system. It is popular wide choice of medical procedures – including carbon dioxide and radon baths, reflexology and hydropathy, ozone therapy, and more. It offers a power of individually selected diet, gym, cinema, swimming pool and a winter garden, where you can stroll among exotic plants. It is comfortable to relax and be treated year round – residential buildings connected to a medical building and the dining room warm transition closed.

3. Sanatorium "Zori Stavropol" – this is the optimal combination of price and quality. He specializes in the treatment of urological and gynecological diseases, diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system and gastrointestinal tract. The main building has a pump room with mineral water, hydrogen sulfide, and near the territory of the park is Piatigorsky – the perfect place to stroll at any time of the year. This health resort has everything you need for a perfect holiday with the whole family, from the swimming pool and tennis court to a children’s playroom and a concert hall.

4. The resort "Don" treat diseases of the endocrine and the nervous system; skin, blood vessels, and musculoskeletal system with the help of balneotherapy and physiotherapy, massage and radon baths. It offers a chetyrehrazovoe diet, and after the procedures, they can play a game of tennis or billiards, a swimming pool and a gym, solarium and sauna.

5. Sanatorium named. M. Lermontov – the oldest health resort of Pyatigorsk, which now combines historic spirit and modern comfort. All rooms are renovated, the rooms offer stunning views of Mount Elbrus. On the territory are well with water and hydrogen sulfide three drinking mineral water pump room («Kislovodsk seltzer», «Essentuki» and «Slavyanovskaya»). Here successfully cure diseases of the immune and endocrine system, digestive organs and the exchange of substances, cardiac disease.

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