Pyatigorsk (Pyatigorsk)

Pyatigorsk – Resort in the south of Russia, the second largest city in the Stavropol Territory with a population of about 200 thousand people. Caucasian mineral waters are part of the specially protected region and is widely known for their sanatoriums, as well as Lermontov places.

Currently, Pyatigorsk is the capital of the North Caucasus Federal District. In the times of Tsarist Russia, unofficially, and from 1924 to 1937, he was officially already the capital of the North Caucasus, and he was returned to him in 2010.

Pyatigorsk is located at the foot of the failed volcano – Masheuk Mountain, is the balneological resort of federal significance. Medical indicators refers to multidisciplinary resorts suitable for the treatment of almost all disease groups in both adults and children.

There is a yield of 40 mineral springs with different properties and water temperature, including radon, – there is no other city in any other city in the world. In addition, in Pyatigorsk sanatoriums, therapeutic sulfide dirt is successfully used from Salt Lake Tambukan.

Every year this climatic resort takes about two hundred thousand tourists.

However, many of them come not to treat all-our health resorts, but to ride on excursions in the Caucasus (one day more than 50), take a walk along the city itself, to participate in competitions in extreme sports and fly to Paraglider. Here are well resting families with children, elderly people and even active youth.

History Pyatigorsk

Pyatigorsk was founded in 1780, was called in honor of the next five-chapter Mount Beshtau (Bech – Five, Tau – Top). The main construction was carried out in the first half of the XIX century by the efforts of General A. Yermolov and the Italian architects brought Bernardazzi brought them.

It is noteworthy that many of the buildings designed by them are preserved in the same form until today.

Many people for the first time hear the name «Pyatigorsk» still at school when they recognize the biography of m.NS. Lermontov read his novel «Hero of our time», The very beginning of the story «Princess Mary».

This great our poet came to Pyatigorsk six times, very much loved the local places, dedicated to them a lot of poems and died for a duel under Masheuk Mountain. In addition to M.NS. Lermontova, Pyatigorsk visited a.WITH. Pushkin and A.WITH. Griboedov, wrote a story l.N. Tolstoy, came up with several stories a.NS. Chekhov, many other writers, composers, artists, whose names are connected with memorabilia.

Second bright mention of Pyatigorsk in domestic culture – This is Roman I. Ilf, E. Petrov «Twelve Chairs», Famous scenes with selling Ostap Bender to enter the failure of tickets while Kisa Vorobyaninov asked alms in a flower bed. Failure, the flower garden park is also not completely changed and very loved by both locals and tourists.

What to see in Pyatigorsk

Those who come here for the first time, are definitely recorded on a tour of all existing Lermontic places. First of all, it Museum House Lermontov with a straw roof, where he lived and where his personal belongings, manuscripts and even paintings were preserved (m.NS. Lermontov painted landscapes very well).

About this poet for an hour here you can learn more than in life.

Lermontov is associated with the name Grotto Diana on Mashuk And, of course, Failure, in which he also had. The failure is especially loved by children, it is necessary to go through the long tunnel deep into the mountain to see the warm blue lake from Narzan.

At the entrance you can take a picture with stone lions and sit on a chair, holding the hand of the Bronze Ostap Bender.

On the other hand, Mashuk is located Place Duel Lermontov, Interesting monument, where every little thing has a symbolic meaning. And on the marble slab, the story of a duel for those who come here himself.

Summer in Pyatigorsk is especially beautiful Park Flower With bronze kitty sparrobyanov at the entrance, with comfortable bears in the shade, paths, sprinkled with reddish sand, and bright colors.

Pyatigorsk (Pyatigorsk)

Slightly above it is Academic Gallery with a mineral source in one part and an interesting pavilion in another.

In it, for a very low fee, you can see an impressive collection of butterflies from around the world, and to someone who is not afraid, also to stroke the unite correspondent snakes, turtles, Madagascar cockroaches, forever withdrawn over the owl; Watch the poisonous snakes and frogs behind the glass and check what will happen if you bring the mirror to chameleon.

In walking distance from the academic gallery Bronze Eagle, Torzing snake – this is a symbol of all cavminship, the most beautiful photos are obtained, if you do, sitting on it, at sunset.

Here is the Chinese gazebo, which offers a wonderful view of the city, Eaolova Harp with a melodic vane and the grotto of Lermontov.

Another great observation deck on Mashuk – These are stone Gate of Sun The North Caucasus or, as they are often called, the Gate of Love, because newlyweds are invariably brought to them. If you get around eight times, fading a desire, it will certainly be fulfilled.

In Pyatigorsk there is a musical comedy theater, a local history museum, several exhibitions, cinemas. In the summer every day at 21:00 include singing light-music fountains, and still give street concerts by artists of classical music.

How to get to Pyatigorsk?

Most often, tourists come to either by train next to Kislovodsk (station «Pyatigorsk») Or fly by plane to the airport of the city of Mineralnye Waters, and from there to choose from: an hour on the train with a railway station (from the airport building to the railway station every 10 minutes the minibus is driving).

40 minutes by bus №233 (stops near the station, but it is better that the local show, where exactly) or by taxi from the airport to Pyatigorsk, which is convenient if you flew early in the morning or late in the evening.

In terms of housing, you can stay in the sanatorium, hotel or rent a room from local, deals in the warm season a lot.

Pyatigorsk (Pyatigorsk)

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