Pyatigorsk: landmarks and tourist attraction of the city

Pyatigorsk – Pearl Resort Stavropolia. It is not only one of the oldest cities, but also a highly academic, industrial, cultural and tourist center of the region. WITH 2006 was awarded the title of city the resort of national importance.

He is among the five peaks, at the foot of the unique mountain Beshtau. Actually she gave the name of the city. Translated from the language Karachai Beshtau – a five mountains.

Itself Mount Beshtau – monument of nature, whose main treasure are Two deposits of healing water. In addition, attractive beautiful forest on its slopes, where there are More than 60 species trees and shrubs. In the forest, rich in mushrooms, and you can meet representatives of fauna – foxes, hares, pheasants and many other.

Here, far away from civilization, and is male Assumption sec-Athos monastery. It was created in 1901 year plan monk Sergius and priesthood Ivan. Destroyed in the thirties, the temple was restored at the beginning of the 20th century. Now this is a valid monastery involved in preaching activities.

Pyatigorsk is rich in natural attractions. The most popular among guests of the city enjoys Lake fail. A huge cave, at the bottom of which is "Magic" salty reservoir. The local legend states that any of the sinking in the blue water of the lake will be healed completely from all diseases.

Most tourists and holidaymakers in the city sanatoriums attend primarily places related to the life and death of the Great Poet Mikhail Yurevich Lermontov. Here they are, really, a lot. State Museum our poet in Pyatigorsk is located on the street of the same name, in the house number 4. This is the only place associated with the poet in Russia, preserved in the original form.

In May 1841 of the year of a young lieutenant Mikhail Yurjevich Lermontov And his friend crossed the threshold of a small snow-white house under the reed roof. Later he became a shelter poet for two months before the deadly duel. His latest works were created here – "Sea Tsarevna", "Leaf", "Prophet" and so unfinished "Shtof". Before 1912 The year house passed from one owner to another, then on the persistent requirements of the cultural community in it was created the poet Museum with a romantic name Lermontov house.

In the post-war years, the house of the poet’s friends – standing next door has entered the Museum – Versiline. It is here in the distant 19th century happened Quarrel with Martynov, and then the challenge to the tragic duel for Russia. Now the literary expositions of the museum are represented in the halls. In the room where a quarrel happened, the situation of that time was restored.

Pyatigorsk landmarks and tourist attraction of the city

Incredible perseverance was shown by workers of the Lermontov Museum, collecting household items and recreating the true decoration of the rooms. Some exhibits were awarded the museum relatives of the Great Poet.

V 1973 year the Soviet leadership approved the verdict on the creation Museum-Reserve M. NS. Lermontov. It includes the old quarter of Pyatigorsk, where the poet lived in recent times, and all the famous places of Pyatigorsk and other cities of mineral waters associated with his name. The component of the museum is considered to be the monument on the site of the duel and Lermontov’s grave, Sculpture of the Creator of our Poetry in Square and Grotto Diana, where he loved to be, as well as the rock of his name. Daily in these places comes a huge number of guests of the city, giving tribute to the worship and love a great poet, who did not have time to realize his creative potential. Museum workers tell about Lermontov’s life at the resort, as well as about the little-known facts of his biography.

Relax after a rich tour of the day can be in magnificent Park Flower garden at the foot Mountains hot. It was formed in 1823 year and here too often M. NS. Lermontov.

In addition to traveling around Lermont Places for tourists, other excursion routes have been developed &# 8211; in the mountains Mashuk and Beshtau. Visit Unique Museum of Insects will deliver great pleasure and adult and small guests of Pyatigorsk.

In this wonderful city with unique nature and hospitable inhabitants, all guests are required for all guests and entertainment to taste and mood.

Pyatigorsk landmarks and tourist attraction of the city

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