Putting it in a backpack trip

The protagonist really much carried away that he developed a special philosophical theory about the backpack, which should mentally add up all that is in your life, including loved ones, too – and get rid of this gravity.

I’m on the other, about the real.

Clearly, it all depends on the type of tourism season, the host country. But I try to give general advice:

1) My choice: a backpack weighing less than 10 kg. less is better. Ideally 2 times less.

With this bag, you can safely dive on the plane without passing the luggage. Hand luggage allows. This can not only save time but also money. Low cost airline baggage fee.

REMEMBER: the traveler never need things more than is in his hand luggage (s)

2) Do not take things so easy "maybe useful". Once all the essentials. Much can be bought on the road, for example T-shirts or socks.
All the same, the girls suffer shoppingovat, so why do old things carry with them.

3) Focus on the forecasts and carefully study the climate. If the Wikipedia says that in Rome in May was the lowest temperature in 1927 "-ten", it is not a reason to take your favorite coat or jacket. And if there are, say, heavy rains, it is much easier to buy time in the cheap Chinese umbrella than to drag him out of the house.

4) If you are traveling alone, it is not necessary to take the two kits, two cameras, two phones, etc.D. If you cool the camera and lens 12 to it, perhaps it would be right to take a 1-2 maximum suitable for travel.

If you are traveling abroad, does not necessarily carry a our passport. Internal transfers in Russia (if any will) you can also buy on the TRAVEL.passport. further insurance. I even do not always cheap A4 print, just stored electronically on a flash drive, just in case. I recommend making a copy of the passport and carry separately from the passport. And I always also make a printout of everything that will be needed in the case of a loss of a phone or bag: the addresses of hostels, hotels, people’s phones, which may be needed, alternative ways – Rapp, mini-card How to travel in a hotel and so on TP. 1-2 sheet A4 everything will fit. The handle would be useful. But alone.

Not to take – felting to just read. Read and home can. If only a phrasebook, it is especially useful where English does not know at all.

PDA will combine and laptop to go out for free on the Internet with Wi-Fi. And this is already a bunch of information, you can quickly watch to watch the train schedule, book hostels or hotels, negotiate with participants of the Kachssing. Saving on the Internet paid not sickly.
PDA will replace the phone. And in the internet compartment – free dialer on Skype home.
PDA will replace kip cards and guidebooks.
Plus more Organizer and other useful things. And charging to carry out much less if something is one thing.

In extreme cases – I would only take the phone.

I take 2 cameras, one – soapbox in your pocket to take a picture of something instantly, not digging in the bag. It is on the battery. Second on batteries, and something more serious than the small soap. Two cameras are always comfortable, drowns-disappear-will be will break – one – the second at hand.

Putting it in a backpack trip

That’s all, various headphones, to listen to music when you do not stand on the road. Listen to home.

3.Personal hygiene items

At a minimum, if that – you can buy on a trip. Wet wipes, hand gel antiseptic – very useful pieces for sure. Shampoos, creams and other either in bags, either in small tubes not more than 100 grams (you remember that we are going with a manual loop, and with larger liquids will not be allowed on board).

4. Medicine. Here individually. Who has what hurts. Universal tools to take it – from the head, throat, stomach, plaster.
You will also need to get acquainted with the locality where we are going, do you need vaccinations and so on.

Girls want to take as much as possible in the photos not to be in the same thing 🙂
We dress on season, then a few T-shirts, panties, socks. Warm sweater. If in the summer we are going – take a light jacket does not hurt.

Shoes: If the trip is short and in Europe: the boys are enough for one shoes, it is unlikely that the weather will change from +20 V -20. Comfortable, comfortable shoes so that not wet, but it was not hot in it. Sometimes I take 2 pairs of shoes – the second light, type Ked. Girls will accurately take two :))

Do not laugh : )
I always take something with me something that you can eat and does not spoil. Just in case, if any event can happen on the way. Or attack me attack of hunger, and I am Batz! And hunger Utolen.
Often bring back everything forgetting about it.

This is: Packages with peanut, nuts, Muesli bars.
There are many calories. And nuts are capable of quenching hunger))

Putting it in a backpack trip

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