Putting first aid kit on the sea, traveling with a child

Assemble a first aid kit on holiday, when you go with child, It is a difficult task. First aid kit and essential medications need to consider in advance, because you can miss out on some medications.

Therefore, in this article we will talk about, what medications you must take the necessary.


These drugs refers paracetamol or Nurofen. Also, these drugs are also analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Nurofen and paracetamol allowed to use children from three months. These drugs are very important, because of the high temperatures on vacation the child may have a fever. Now all the preparations are calculated by weight of the child, so on this subject do not worry. Also do not forget with him and thermometer.

antiallergic drugs

Such formulations can be in various forms: drops, ointments, tablets, syrups, gels. By antiallergic drugs include Citrine or zodak. Also we encourage all mums take suprastin, because it is very fast in emergency situations. Its only drawback is sedation. If a child suddenly appeared allergy or rash you can use Bepanten or fenistil gel.

Also on vacation with the child should be taken moisturizing cosmetics, which will protect the baby from the sun and from the dryness of the skin. In addition you must be sure to take with you sorbents and other drugs, who can help for poisoning or an intestinal disorder.

In time, you may receive a child’s holiday vomiting or diarrhea. This may be due to acclimation. It is therefore important to take a probiotics in the form of capsules or drops.

Putting first aid kit on the sea, traveling with a child

The most important

It is important to carry with them different sunscreens, hand sanitizer, bandages, chlorhexidine, cotton pads, alcohol wipes, hydrogen peroxide, ice, remedy for burns, antibiotics.

If the child it is not necessary vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis, then you need to take with you broad-spectrum antibiotic is required to. Such antibiotic refers amoxicillin. And also do not forget about Drops for eyes, as the bright sun can affect the eyeball moist.

It should take responsibility for the collection of kits, as the absence of any drug can affect the impression of the holiday. take care of yourself!

Putting first aid kit on the sea, traveling with a child

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