Put in Poland. What to see?

Knashinsky primitive forest is the largest forest complex Square of 100,000 hectares located in Russia. Because of the sizes, the forest is called the younger sister of Belovezhskaya Pushcha. In ordinary forests, you will not meet such animals like, trot, beaver, wolf and noble deer, unlike the Knoshinsky primitive forest, in which There are several dozen species protected plants and protected animals. Forest complex can be visited as independently and on a bicycle, horses, car, or see it, choosing a walk on a canoe, because he has more than fifty tourist routes in the arsenal. Thanks to silence and peace, who are felt while walking through the forest, you will not notice how time will fly.

National Park Narev

National Park Narev &# 8211; The youngest National Park. The park performs the protection function of the Narev valley, which is still Call Polish Amazon. Wooden pedestrian bridges of Slotno-Vanevo are the easiest route through Narev National Park, almost 3 kilometers long. So, the walk is suitable for children, but without the help of adults it is not necessary, because you have to go on some areas of the route, where there are movable elements of bridges, Fastened on the rope. Alternative to not to subjected to no harm or your children &# 8211; cross them on canoe that are rented park.

Podlaski Palaces and Castles

Branitsky Palace in Bialystok. Bialystok is what it is impossible to skip on pod. There is a beautifully decorated Bratsky Palace, admiring his palace gardens. Despite the fact that it is currently a residence of the Medical University administration, it can be visited to admire the stucco decorations in the Baroque style, the names of the coat of arms or apartments of Isabeli Branitskaya. In the right wing of the palace there is a museum of the history of medicine and pharmacy, where there are exhibits related to the pharmacy. Upper and lower gardens Also worthy of attention. The upper part is decorated in French style, but Lower – in English. Among the flowes and fountains are arbors and exchanges, followed by majestic monuments and statues. The walk in the garden gives helps calm down, and also helps plan a further journey through the Belostok.

Buchholts Palace in Super. At the Buchholts Palace in Super Romantic and sad story. The owner of the factory, the Jewish Textiver Adolf Buchholz, who came to the suprath, wanted to take his wife a girl Adele Shaibler. The parents had one condition for her daughter – accommodation in decent conditions, and for this chosen one it was necessary to build a palace for her. So he did. For construction 13 years left. The man soon enjoyed his wife, but soon after the wedding fell into an accident. Over the next 30 years, every Sunday, the wife pinned flowers, in the Mausoleum constructed by it. The object is open to the public, there is Middle Art School.

Put in Poland. What to see

Castle in Tykincin. The castle was originally Built in the 15th century, Like a wooden fortified structure, a family of horstold. Sigismund II August, capturing the castle in the 16th century, made a royal residence from him. Despite the reconstruction, at present, the castle is in private hands, under the next reconstruction. To truly understand how Stages of the expansion of the castle, Who and when in it lived, visit the numerous halls and monasteries, as well as the castle dungeon, is recommended to visit with a guide. From the highest place – the prison tower, you can take photos, and admire the terrain, as well as Feel atmosphere of this place.

Putting &# 8211; what and where to eat?

Summer is different Unusually delicious cuisine, in which there are such dishes as a Piercachevnik – a sheet dough for pasta, filling with a filling to choose from (meat, cheese or apple), sweet delicacy-sensing, cigarette cheese or potato noodles with a filling of meat and cracker cards, very much like salted lovers , as well as potato pie with mushroom sauce and Tatar Chebureki-fried dumplings with a lamb and yoghurt sauce. Diversity of dishes, and most importantly their taste, no one will leave indifferent and hungry.

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