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Christmas in France (as well as, and any other Western country) – Family holiday. Wherever the French, they always return to Christmas home to meet with their relatives, sit down the whole family for the big holiday table. The most important thing in this holiday is gifts to all those who love, therefore children, regardless of age, on this day should be near parents. Christmas is a good reason so that the family is going together, but the French New Year is usually celebrated with friends.

On this day, the French are definitely dressed up the Christmas tree, light candles in wreaths of sharp leaves and decorate the dwelling by sacred plants: mistletoe, ostolic and ivy. On the evening of December 24, the family is going together for dinner. Religious families after dinner go on Mass. Little French, wanting more likely to get gifts from Pere-Noel (Father-Christmas), lay down to sleep in anticipation of New Year’s gifts. By tradition, they put their stockings under the Christmas tree. True, modern gifts have become too big to fit in stockings.

France exist traditional Christmas dishes. Oysters are on the table in Christmas, skillfully cooked snails, blood sausage, chocolate. Typically, the plates are great, and they put so little in them that we barely have time to feel the taste of the dishes before the plate will empty. But different dishes so much that they eat from the soul. Ends the meal of an amazing cake made of sweets. Such a cake symbolizes the pagan ritual of burning Pullen, followed by Christmas specifically went to the forest. On this day, the lamps in the fireplace were to burn the whole evening so that the next year the happiness and well-being.

More than 100 years ago "Coca Cola" invented Santa Claus, who distributes gifts in the street. Gradually, American traditions moved to Europe, and the holiday came out of a quiet cozy home, became crowded and more fun. At this time, hundreds of tourists are walking along the Champs Elysees, and the entire Paris is drowning in lights, illumination and butfoot snow. In clappers in the shape of a large candy, the lucky ones except confetti find the crown and put it on the head, proclaiming themselves by the king. How many of these clappers are bought in christmas! And in the very center of Paris, on the square in front of the Meria every year the rink is poured. For 50 francs (so much costs hire of skates and storage of things) here from morning to evening Parisians ride. Age is not a hindrance. Parisians believe that once a year you can afford to make a purchase in expensive stores, so the sale at this time does not happen. In stores are full of people. Interestingly, the crumbling French sells not excited Christmas goods in special stores, so even hot summer in Paris can be seen as Pere-Noel plays with puppet kids.

Put in Paris

Christmas gifts symbolize gifts that Magi brought Jesus on his birthday. During the time of the Roman Empire, gave figures or decorations made from sacred trees. Until the XIX century, donated food: oysters, cheeses or bread. It is difficult to say what is now for the French traditional Christmas gift. They themselves believe that it is most likely appreciated not a gift, but attention.

Although officially the day of relaxation falls only on December 25, in the offices of Christmas begin to celebrate in advance. If you wish, you can easily arrange a Christmas holidays before January, so that in the circle of friends at one of the ski resorts to celebrate the New Year.

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