Pushkin and quarantine. Boldin autumn

As in our time, a quarantine measures used to combat epidemics everywhere.

In 1830, in connection with the outbreak of cholera and the introduced quarantine, a total of almost three months had to spend in his estate to our famous compatriot a.WITH. Pushkin. This period of life and creativity of the poet is known in history as «Boldin autumn». It was at that time that Pushkin wrote some of the most outstanding works.


The epidemic of cholera, this deadly and very infectious disease, manifested itself in the southern provisions of Russia in the twenties of the nineteenth century. This disease had an Asian origin, and the methods of its treatment at that time did not yet exist.

In September 1830, cholera rocked to Moscow. Due to the extremely unfavorable setting, the emperor Nicholas I arrived in the city to personally control the introduced anti-epidemic measures. Pushkin dedicated to this event by Pushkin «Hero», Written during self-insulation in Boldino.


In Boldino Pushkin arrived third of September. Before the announcement of Quarantine in Moscow, three weeks remained.
The estate was a one-story building and was located in the village Big Boldino Nizhny Novgorod province. The ownership belonged to the father of the poet, but on the occasion of the outlined marriage of Pushkin on Natalia Goncharova was transferred to the writer as a wedding gift. To reissue the estates and two hundred shower of men and sent Pushkin to this trip.

The stay in Boldino was planned for short, but the fate of fate was delayed until November 29.


Due to the cholera epidemics in Moscow in the twenties of September, strict quarantine measures with widespread prohibitions were introduced throughout the country. Pushkin, covered by quarantine in Boldino and not by nature by Domasian, tried several times to leave the estate, but unsuccessfully. Everywhere on the roads were postpons and barriers. Therefore, being in forced «sharpening», the poet remained only to write.

The life and creativity of the poet in the conditions of quarantine

In Boldino, the communication of Pushkin took place mainly with peasants. The writer was engaged in learning local characteristics of the language and adverch. From time to time I visited the Countess Golitsyn, from which the secular news recognized. Wrote letters Natalia Goncharova, in which he described his monotonous life.

However, despite the scarcity of being Pushkin wrote for this period thirty two poems, «Little tragedies», «Tale of Belkin», «Fairy Tale about Pop and Worker His Bald», Finally, completed his famous novel «Eugene Onegin».

Pushkin’s mood in his works

Pushkin and quarantine. Boldinskaya autumn articles on tourism from the tourism

In the works of the poet of this pore, irritation and annoyance, like a person whose plans were suddenly broken. The epidemic found him in the village, when as his bride and comrades were in Moscow, which in itself was a serious danger. As noted above, there was no medicine from cholera, and the mortality rate was very high.

All these moments were reflected in poet verses.

«Road complaints», in which Pushkin refers with a mockery to its inadequate.

«Parting», where Pushkin will say goodbye to Natalia Goncharova.

V «Elegy» Feels the oppressive atmosphere of loneliness and fear of death from cunning disease.

V «Little tragedies» The poet subtly affects the topic of morality and morality. V «Peer during the plague» According to the plot, the priest puts the inhabitants of London, arranged a feast during the plague epidemic. In fact, it was the author’s translation of the Piesen fragment John Wilson «City of Chuma». Thus, Pushkin tried to warn about the seriousness of the emergence of the epidemic position in Moscow and warning people from frivolous actions and idleness during this period.

In a number of works, Alexander Sergeevich affects the lifestyle of ordinary people. Apparently because the peasants became his only interlocutors in the conditions of isolation, and he did not care about their difficult to be.

By the end of November, the cholera epidemic went on a decline, quarantine measures softened, and Pushkin was able to leave Boldino. Cholera spared friends and elected poet, and in the spring of next year a wedding of Alexander Sergeevich and Natalia Goncharova took place.

Pushkin and quarantine. Boldinskaya autumn articles on tourism from the tourism

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