Pushkar (Pushkar)

Pushkar (Pushkar) – City in Rajasthan, India. Located 14 km from Ajmer, 145 km southwest of Jaipur and 400 km south-west of Delhi.

Pushkar is a major pilgrim center as well as a popular tourist destination. The city attracts pilgrims thanks to the church of Brahma’s temple here (Brahma Temple). According to legend, Pushkar is built on the place where Brahma dropped the lotus flower (Pushpa) to kill the demon.

In Pushkar and around it there are more than hundreds of large and not very temples, some of which were destroyed at Aurangseb and restored.

Pushkar attracts tourists with its camel festival, where autumn flows are camels from all over India, camel runs and other entertainment for buyers and tourists are arranged.

Lake Pushkara Surrounding the white temples of different centuries and 52 Hhata for ablutions. The ablution in the lake is able to wash off sins and brought liberation even in this life, especially the ablution in the last 5 days of the month of the Cartik and the full moon, which coincides with the time of the Fair. Photographing on Hhata is prohibited.

In Pushkar, many excellent stores and one of the best bazaars in India. Hundreds of stores selling clothing, jewelry, incense, oils. Many things are selling here cheap and in general prices are among the best in India. Many people spend the day or 2 only on shopping.

It is necessary to bargain, especially with respect to clothing and jewelry, since the price called by the seller may exceed normal 5 times.

The nearest airport is Jaipur (131 km).

Pushkar (Pushkar)

Nearest railway station, Ajmera (14 km), trains go from there in Jaipur, Delhi, Udaipur and Ahmedabad.

In Pushkar 2 bus stations: Marwar Basstand in the north of the city serves long moving and Ajmer Basstand in the East near RTDC Sirovar Hotel, where buses come from Ajamer and Jaipur.

Ajamera buses go to Pushkar every hour from 6 am to 10 pm.

Buses to long moving are organized by travel agencies, which sell tickets, often buses of the luxury buses, when buying a ticket a travel agencies themselves deliver passengers to the location of distant buses. In Delhi, 1 Morning Express Bus with Marvar Basstand (8 hours on the way).

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