Purchasing a ticket for someone else’s bank card

But if you buy a ticket on the official website of the carrier, then carefully read the rules of purchase – all airlines are different. If we generalize rudely, the majority of European and American airlines are allowed to buy a ticket for someone else’s map, most Asian carriers are not allowed and / or specifically stipulate additional conditions. They need to know.

For example, airline Fly Dubai In the directions of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Sudan does not accept payment on someone else’s map, even upon presentation during registration, a copy of the passport of the card holder and copies of the card. Carriers Emirates, Airarabia require the owner of the card and passenger to be one person. Utyir accepts payment by someone else’s map without problems, but at the airport during registration you may be asked to make a map on which you have been purchased, or called the latest card numbers.

For many airlines, it is enough to have a copy of the card on which payment was made. For example, Vietnam Airlines Require when buying a ticket for someone else’s map copy of the owner card, ticket number, confirmation of payment from the bank. Do not hope that the airport employee will be able to "Bable" – If you can’t prevent the required documents, you will most likely just not rise to the flight, and in this case you will be to blame, and not the airline, as in cases, for example, with overbooking.

In general, if the owner of the card is among the passengers, there should be no problems on registration. But if the owner does not travel along with those who buy tickets, you need to carefully provide all possible options for the development of events for registration. To do this, you need to carefully read the rules and conditions for the purchase of a ticket on the site, in the right place not to forget to put a check mark that the Holder card is not a passenger and T.D.

Make some kind of unified list of airlines that allow or do not allow tickets to tickets on someone else’s map, quite difficult and little meaningless – never guess which carriers you need. Yes, and with attentive registration of the air ticket, all these rules still will not remain unnoticed by you.

But below, we will still give a member list of companies to which you can navigate.

Purchasing a ticket for someone else's bank card

Aeroflot – Allows the purchase of a ticket on someone else’s map.
S7 (Siberia) – permits, but when placing a ticket, you need to leave the coordinates of the payer and indicate whether it is a passenger.
UTair – you need to have a copy of the card with you upon registration.

Airberlin, Czech Airlines, Lufthansa, Royal Jordanian – Allow.
Qatar Airways, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Airarabia, Flydubai, Iberia – are not allowed or allowed with certain reservations.

Once again, dear travelers! When buying a ticket on the carrier’s website, look closely, what conditions the company puts forward to not be sad at the airport.

by the way! When buying train tickets, the rules are the same. For example, German railways require to demonstrate a credit card, which was carried out by buying a ticket.

Purchasing a ticket for someone else's bank card

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