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Punta Cana – the most famous and most developed resort in the Dominican Republic with snow-white beaches, shady alleys, azure water and magnificent service. It is at this resort of Dominicans, according to tour operators, about 90% of our tourists who choose to rest Dominican Republic.

Punta Cana – picturesque edge, full exotic: coconut palms, beautiful beaches, coral reef. This place fully complies with the ideas about the tropical paradise with colander and magnificent service.

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What is interesting to see in Punta Kane?

Top attractions Punta Cana

Tainino Park

Punta Cana: excursions and events

Monster Jeep. This eight-wheel monster jeep is not afraid of any terrain, he will easily pass everywhere, cross the tropical rivers and will be able to deepen on off-road to the Caribbean countryside. You will see on the road Small villages, sugarcane plantations, rural schools. Enjoy bathing in the river, an excellent buffet, national music and many others.
CONCH. From the board of a bizarre form, you will see real caribbies, crystal clear water of the Caribbean, will be able to swim with masks and las. The ship team will entertain you, you dance under the unforgettable rhythms of the island. Free bar with soft and alcoholic beverages. A lot of entertainment, a lot of music.

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Climate in Punta Kane

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The average air temperature in Punta Cana reaches 26 ° C. The hottest season lasts from April to November, when the thermometer column can rise to 32 ° C. From December to March Day Temperature reaches 20 ° C. Since the landscape is a flat plain, very little rain falls in the region.

Punta Cana: entertainment and active leisure

Natural landscape of Punta Cana is ideal for diving: there are no poisonous inhabitants and shark. But in crystal clear water in a huge amount of shelter animals float.

Transport Features Punta Kana

Taxi: Buses: car rental: Rent a car (for persons over 25 years old, having a driver’s license and an international credit card), the movement of right-hand.

Airports: Located resort Punta Cana 25 km. From Gorda Punta Cana International Airport.

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