PUNO (PUNO) – City in the south-east of Peru, located on the West Bank of Lake Titicaca, 385 kilometers southeast of Cusco and about 1290 km from Lima. Population – 119116 people (2007).

The city was founded in 1668 by Spaniard Pedro Antonio Fernandecem de Castro, who held the post of vice king Peru from 1667 to 1672.

Since Puno is located on less than a 2-kilometer band between the Titicaca lake and the hills around him and the mountains, the growth of the city, more precisely, its poorest areas, takes advantagely up the slopes of the hills.

Puno is an important agricultural and livestock center, in particular, in its surroundings, Lama and Alpaca (South American camel) are divorced in its surroundings.

Tourists ride in Puno, primarily because of the lake Titicaca with magnificent mountain landscapes, on the shores of which, as well as on floating cane islands, live Indians Uros, partially preserved traditions and customs of their ancestors.

In the city of interest presents the main square of Plaza de Armaas (Plaza de Armas) and the old Cathedral Cathedral (Cathedral Of Puno) located on it.

Thanks to the rich cultural heritage of the Indian peoples, in particular, songs and dances, PUNU is called the folklore capital of Peru.

The city of Puno is at high altitude in the zone of high-mountainous-tropical climate. The average day air temperature throughout the year about +15 °C.

In this case, the air temperature is very rarely rising above +20 ° C, and in the winter months (from June to August), it is often descended below 0 ° C.

A significant part of precipitation falls during the summer (December-March), while in the winter season of precipitation almost never happens.

Due to the large altitude, the proximity of the equator and a significant amount of cloudless days, the level of insolation in the Puno area and Lake Titicaca is very high.

By train


The city of Puno is the end item of the iron-road branch of Cusco — Puno, which passes 1 passenger train per day. This is the most convenient way to get here from Cusco.

The train departs from Cusco at 8 am and arrives in Puno at 17 o’clock. Detailed cost information and travel can be found here – www.peruraail.Com

By bus

Also before Puno can be reached by bus with the following companies:

By plane

Ne closest to Puno Airport Inca Manco CáPAC International Airport is 47 kilometers to the north, in the city of Juliac.


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