Pune (Pune)

Pune (Pune) – City in India, located 150 km south-east of Mumbai. Population – 3 337 481 people (2009).

Once Pune was the capital of the Marath state, but in 1818 he was captured by the British, and since then he has developed as a typical military city. Pune has become the center of many Hindu movements for social reforms. Rapid industrialization significantly changed the appearance of the city.

In Pune necessarily worth a visit Museum of Raji Camera, Where is the private collection of Dinkar Kellary. The basis of it is the objects of traditional Indian art. The palace itself, built of carved stone, the door of the temple, found during the excavations of pottery, whose age is 2 thousand. years, traditional Indian lamps, thumbnails of the XVII century.

Aga Khan Palace with Italian arches and spacious, well-kept lawns.

In the center of Puna stands a suggestion Temple Pataleshwar, stoned. The temple is acting and so.

Pune (Pune)

25 km from Pune on top of the hill Fortress Simha Gad («Fortress Lion»). Other fortresses built during Schivaji near Pune, this – Rajgarh, Thorn, Puernder, Shivnery.

Palace of Shanvawda, Constructed in 1736, served once the residence of rulers from the dynasty of the paws inherited by the Empire Shivaji. The strong fire of 1827 destroyed most of the palace, leaving only the old fortress walls, a huge gate, ponds with lotus and a solid foundation of the palace.

Temple of parvati stands on top of a hill in the vicinity of the city. Once it was a personal temple of rulers from the pastic dynasty.

Pune (Pune)

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