Punat (Punat)

Punat (Punat) – A small coastal city in the southwestern part of the Island of Krk in Croatia, located on the shore of the Punat Bay of the Adriatic Sea, 8 km east of the city of Krk. Population – 1876 people (2001).

Punat is a typical Croatian coastal town with red tiled roofs of houses, extended embankment with cafes and restaurants, several hotels and autocumbage. But there is here and its own characteristics, more precisely, one is a very big marina (parking for yachts), with slender rows of snow-white boats and yachts moored in numerous piers.

Excellent conditions for Marina here are created by nature itself, since the Punat Bay has a narrow way out into the open sea, so that even in the most windy weather, his water area is actually completely protected from strong waves, which is very convenient and safe for small vessels. All this attracts here numerous yachtsmen.

Punat (Punat)

Not far from the shore, in the same Punk Gulf, is the island of Collun (KošLJUN), where there is a valid Franciscan Monastery (Franjeva&# 269; ki samostan), founded in the 15th century. Here you can get on one of the numerous boats awaiting tourists on the urban embankment.

On the opposite of the West Bank of the West Bank, there is a popular Wakeboard Water Attraction, where you can ride on the bay on water skiing or board.

Punat (Punat)

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