Pullmantur Cruises: Reviews and prices for cruises Pullmantur Cruises

Pullmantur Cruises is the largest cruise operator in Spain, first of all, on Spanish-speaking tourists. However, Cruises on Pullmantur liners also sell some tour operators outside the Spanish-speaking world, including in Russia.

Pullmantur started working on the cruise market in the 1990s, originally taking into charters liners of other cruise companies. And only in the early 2000s, the company acquired its own ships. The process of expanding the fleet even more accelerated after the company’s aircraft in the company ROYAL CARIBBEAN Cruise Holding. Nevertheless, most PullMantur vessels do not function in winter in the northern hemisphere. At this time, they are either canned, privileged under the charter other cruise operators.

In 2005, Pullmantur Cruises first on the cruise market offered its guests the Ultra All Inclusive food system, which was a real breakthrough in the cruise world. How then explained in the company, they set a goal to provide millions of people the opportunity to relax in a cruise on the most favorable terms. Now, unlike most other cruise companies, tourists can eat and drink everything that they want, and during the day and night, and at all without additional charges: breakfast, lunch, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, night buffet All non-alcoholic and most alcoholic beverages presented on board are already included in the cruise cost and are provided to tourists for free!

Pullmantur Cruises Reviews and prices for cruises Pullmantur Cruises Travel Guide

Another feature of the cruises from Pullmantur – on most of the company’s liners, children under 17 travel free.

It is curious that the aircraft service of Pullmantur Air – on the tune of its airlines of this cruise operator, offers for cruise passengers flights from Madrid to the ports of the start of cruises on the Boeing 747 aircraft with free airport transfers – port – Airport and delivery of baggage to cabins.

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