Pulcrisses – Classic Korean Kitchen

When a family is going at the table, it can be, for example, something from meat or fish, one or two types of Kimchi (sharp snacks), soy cottage cheese. But guests can serve more than a dozen of such dishes!

Rice-main dish

In South Korea, rice is often boiled with other croups (barley, millet, and t. NS.) or bean (peas, beans), and also love rice porridge chuck – Rubbed rice with molluscs or other gifts of the sea.

  • Fried rice Pokimpap

In the course fried rice Pokympapap. Prepare it is easy: in advance the cooked rice is roasted in a frying pan with sesame oil and add pieces of meat and mollusks, vegetables and a raw egg. By the way, Koreans eat rice not with chopsticks, like the Chinese and the Japanese, and spoons – shallow with long, thin handles.

    Pulcrisses - Classic Korean Kitchen
  • Specialized restaurants

Special place among the Korean restaurants occupy those that specialize in the pulcricks (meat on fire) and Calbi. Classic pulcricks are prepared from thin plates (3-4 mm thick) beef marinated in Yannan sauce (mix of soybean pasta, sesame oil, rice wine, garlic, sugar, green onion, sesame seed and black pepper). But there are options from pork, chicken and even squid. Calbe makes beef and pork rubber (there is an option from chicken).

Restaurants of two types

Restaurants specializing in Pulk and Calbi are two types. In the institution of the first type, a tray with vegetable snacks of Panchkhan and a plate with pickled slices of raw meat are, usually beef.

On each table – a small gas stove or a roaster on charcoal (this is talking about a high class of establishment). Visitors fry meat on a pan or on the grid set above the burner or roasting.

  • Buffet for fixed fee

In the second-type restaurants, organized by the "buffet principle", the visitor for a fixed fee is dialing the punch and meat, exhibited in the shop windows, and then prepares on gas tiles, mounted in the table. Meat can eat how much soul will wish.Welcome to South Korea, Country Original and Unique! Bon Appetit!

Pulcrisses - Classic Korean Kitchen

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