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Pula – The largest city of Istria Peninsula, which has a seaport, international tourism center. Local residents believe that pool – The most amazing Croatian settlement.

Rich history affected the architectural decoration, traditions and culture of terrain. On the one hand, the city is fairly modern, with fashionable buildings and institutions, and on the other hand, a modest, with cozy streets and scan of the resort. Beaches, as in the rest of Istria, cut, stony and uneven.

Until now, in the old part of the city, you can see buildings dating by ancient Roman period and medieval.

Tourists have to visit many galleries, museums, exhibitions. Amphitheater – Central attraction capable of transfering you for many centuries in the past. Often here are popular artists and actors.

The coastal strip stretched almost 200 kilometers. The coastline is decorated with bays, picturesque nature, which allows you to call the pool one of the most successful places for recreation. In the summer, holidays and festivals are held on the territory of the Pula, who will not leave anyone indifferent.

Video from the pool

What is interesting to see in the pool?

Top sights Pula

Amphitheater Pula

Castel fortress

Hercules gate

Arch Sergiev

Historic and Maritime Museum of Istria

Marine Park

Pula: Excursions and Events

It is better to go on a tour of the hiking, because all the attractions of the pool are very close to a friend and bus tours risk of being not interesting. Moreover, the city is filled with vehicles and traffic jams are constantly formed on the roads.

Its route is to start with the central attractions of the resort – an ancient Roman amphitheater, which, as historians believe, was built in the 1st century.NS. By the way, this Colosseum refers to the largest in the world. And today its capacity reaches almost 25,000 people.

You can not lose sight of the Triumphal Arch, crowning urban gates. This is one of the most ancient monuments of architecture that has come down to us from the 27th century to our era. Outside the arch is decorated with colonnade. The excursion program includes a visit to the temple August, built in the 2nd century BC. After the adoption of the Christian faith, the cathedral was used as a church for parishioners.

There are no little museums and valuable collections in the city, one of which is located in the Franciscan church of the 14th century. Vacationers have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the canvas of famous masters of past centuries, with frescoes and mosaic of the ancient Romans.

Pula history

Pula, Croatia Recreation, Reviews, Hotels Pillies Tour Profection Travel Guide

Climate in bullet

The city is located in the southern part of the peninsula, it is not surprising that tourists consider this resort most favorable in Croatia. After all, even in winter, the temperature rarely falls below +9 degrees.

In summer there is quite hot. Occasionally brings with me cool air masses helping to move heat. The heat begins to subscribe a little only at the beginning of the first autumn months. At this time, it is better to learn the sights and ride on excursions. The season at the ripper is traditionally considered the end of May, because the air is already having up to 20 degrees, but the sun has not yet had time to raise.

Pula: Entertainment and Active Rest

In addition to excursions, the city is preparing a large number of entertainment. So the resort is quite developed and famous for the whole world, the animators regularly suit on the coastal strip of the show-catalog for children and their parents.

By the number of bars, restaurants, nightly institutions, none of the Croatian city will not be able to compete with a bullet. With the onset of the night, music and the city begins to sound and the city turns into one solid holiday. There is even a casino on the territory of the resort. It is worth visiting a local aquarium with exotic fish, turtles, star skates. Located building on the mountain, so after a small excursion you can admire the pool from a bird’s-eye view. For the sake of a beach holiday, I will go to Medulin. Sach delicious wine can be on the winery. The tasting room is decorated in the National Croatian style. The host of the institution owns several foreign languages, including English. Olive oil produced on plantations has a specific taste and is very appreciated by local residents.

In the vicinity of the pool there are several diving centers. Equipment and necessary inventory are given. Excellent idea for studying sea flora and fauna. If necessary, the instructor will help with immersion.

Transport features Pula

Transport infrastructure in the city is considered one of the best in Croatian territory. Just a kilometer from the resort was built a magnificent train station, receiving trains from other corners of the country and even from neighboring countries.

Bus station is located in the central part of the city. Buses run to neighboring regions and settlements. Experienced tourists recommend walking on the bullet with a hiking, as the movement in the city is very active. For this reason, to study the sights located in close proximity to each other better than its move. Do not lose time on traffic jams.

Pula, Croatia Recreation, Reviews, Hotels Pillies Tour Profection Travel Guide

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