Puffins, they are fatty, they are deadlocks

Little penguins, clowns, tropical parrots – who just did not compare the dead end, or Puffin. Latest, the English name can be translated as "fatty". Upcoms are not insulted – they are still loved for a cute view and charming habits.

The name "Tupik" actually happened to the word "stupid". However, we are not about the mental abilities of the bird, but about the form of her beak. There is also the Latin name of Fratercula Arctica, which can be translated as an "Arctic Monk" – due to the similarity of the plumage with the Ryas.

Puffins, they are fatty, they are deadlocks

Despite its small size (up to 35 cm in length, weighing about 0.5 kg) and seeming clumsiness, they are beautifully swimming, and it is hunting for fish so that you can bring a dozen fish in our beak at the same time! Hold them helps rough tongue. But from the same penguins, these birds are distinguished by the fact that they can quickly fly. Although the driver also stroll. They go, by the way, rather tearing, replacing, if necessary, step on running. And during the swim, these record holders can delay the breath to minute.

Birds are so interesting that special ornithological tours to visit the nests are organized. Special loss of observers causes a manner of impasses to take off and sit down. Before climbing into the air, they start quickly waving wings or run by water. But landing, either falling on the abdomen, or "braking" right about the wave.

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