Puerto Vallarta (Puerto Vallarta)

Puerto Vallarta (Puerto Vallarta) – Resort town on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, located on the shores of Banderas Bay near the mountains of Sierra Madre, 315 km from Guadalajara. Population – 255,725 people (2010).

The main advantages of Puerto Vallarta are a lot of good beaches along the entire coast of the resort area, a developed tourist infrastructure and the availability of an international airport.

Tourism is approximately 50% of all economic activities in Puerto Vallarta, approximately half of the working population of the city are employed in this area.

The high tourist season in Puerto Vallarta has a period from the end of November to March. Rest here is especially popular with the inhabitants of the Western coast of the United States (Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle), as well as Mexicans, mainly in the residents of Guadalajara, who come here for weekends and holidays.

Puerto Vallarta is considered the most welcoming and gay friendly resort in Mexico, for which it was called «San Francisco Mexico». The resort boasts the gay center consisting of hotels and spa complexes, many bars, nightclubs and gay beaches.

In the city is located Puerto Vallarta International Airport name Gustavo Diaz Ordas (Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport).

Hence it has connections with many cities of Mexico (Magnicharters, VivaAerobus, Interjet), as well as:

The climate in Puerto Vallarta – tropical savannah, usually very dry. However, in certain months, here it becomes very hot, and it rains.

Fluctuations in daily temperature during the period from December to April, up 16…+27°C, and from May to November – + 29 … + 35 ° C. The rainy season lasts from June to October, but rainfall are short in nature and occur usually in the afternoon.

The average humidity is 75%.

Puerto Vallarta (Puerto Vallarta)

From July to September, a very high temperature and humidity fluctuations. August is the wettest month, with an average of 14 days with a significant rainfall.

February, March and April are the months with the lowest clouds.

Along the coast resort of Puerto Vallarta area is located more than fifteen good variety of beaches (sandy, rocky, rocky).

The most popular beach Los Muertos (Playa Los Muertos) – It is the largest public beach resort, located close to the old town. The name of the beach is translated as «dead beach». Legend has it that there was a battle between pirates and local miners, after which many bodies were scattered along the beach, but is it just a legend, as the miners in this area has never been. South Beach party is popular among the gay community, the north face – with locals and tourists, Mexicans. The city plans to change the name of the beach at Playa del Sol (Playa del Sol).

Also popular are the beaches La Manzanilla (Playa la Manzanilla) and Destiladeras (Playa Destiladeras), located to the north of the resort. They are famous for a lot of people and infrastructure.

Boca de Tomates (Playa Boca de Tomates) – beach, located near the mouth of the river AMEC (Ameca). The beach is not very popular among foreign tourists because of the rocks on the shore. here also it is to be feared crocodiles because of the proximity to the river (in the summer months after the rains the water at the beach may be muddy and dirty).

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