Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)

Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico) – Resort on the southwest coast of the Gran Canaria island.

This is the second most important resort of the island after the resort area of ​​Maspalomas Costa Canary. A former little fishing port for several decades has become quite popular with European tourists a place, especially among those who come to rest with children.

On the rocky slopes of the surrounding hill bay, several dozen appearance of absolutely identical hotels and apartments built in characteristic of the beginning of the 80s. At the same time Puerto Rico can accommodate 30,000 tourists. And even even at the height of the season, the number of guests of the resort is much more modest, there is nowhere to fall on the beach. And lounge chairs are busy even defending stone molts.

Since part of the resort is located directly on the rocks and hills, tourists with disabilities are recommended to carefully choose a hotel.

Inheritance from the fishing past Puerto Rico got not only name, but also port. True, since then has a marked and consisting of two parts: on the right and left of the beach. The big ships do not come, and the entire water area of ​​the port is occupied by boats, yachts and catamarans.

Puerto Rico – Center of water activities in the south of Gran Canaria. Boat trips on boats with «transparent bottom», yacht charter, water skiing, jet skis, scuba diving, fishing, etc.NS. – after all this you need to come here just.

Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)

by the way, about fishing. Sport fishing marlin, tuna and other large fish, whose weight can be measured in hundreds of kilograms – an interesting way of entertainment. Naturally, the captured specimens come across every day, but do not catch rarely returns. On on fishing boats assigned to the port of Puerto Rico, many world records have been set in this area.

In Puerto Rico, there are several commercial centers with numerous shops, bars and restaurants; mainly concentrated in the same discos and other entertainment. There is also a water park, but much inferior to Aqualand in Maspalomas.

Promenade stretching about a kilometer connects Puerto Rico beach Amadores along which is equipped with a shopping area.

Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)

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