Puerto Plata (Puerto Plata)

Puerto Plata (Puerto Plata) – Resort town on the north coast of Dominican Republic, 20 km from Sosua, 31 km from Cabarete and 210 km from Santo Domingo. Population – 280 981 people (2011).

Coast of the resort area of ​​Puerto fee – more than 20 km of gorgeous sandy beaches. The city itself is located at the foot of Mount Isabel de Torres and attracts wide promenade, luxurious Victorian mansions and the Church of San Felipe on the central square.

Playa Dorada is in the resort area of ​​Puerto Plata — Separate resort from 13 hotels. The resort complex is famous for its clean beach with small sand and beautiful landscapes. From entertainment here
There are a good 18-hole golf course, horse club, casino, many shops and restaurants.

Christopher Columbus opened these places in 1492. Columba wanted to establish the city here and call him La Isabella, however, the beginning of the city was put by Nicholas de Obando in 1502, who called him Puerto Plata («Silver port»). This port served as the last stop for returning ships loaded by treasures of new light to Europe.

After the period of rapid development, the star of the city rolled out – new territories of America were opened. The city lived smuggling, and its inhabitants actively cooperated with French and English pirates. The Spanish king ordered to destroy Puerto fee to put an end to the robbery.

In 1742, the city revived colonists-immigrants from the Canary Islands. Now the center of economic activity has become a port, from where the agricultural products of Sibao Valley went to the metropolitan.

In those days, the most beautiful buildings of the city were built. Beautiful wooden houses in colonial style, bright colors and multicolor tropical plants give the city exotic and elegant look.

Taxi – The safest and most expensive type of transportation (trip from the airport to the city center – 10 USD).

Buses – Slow and cheap, however, with a convenient and branched network of routes.

Puerto Plata (Puerto Plata)

Minibuses (Gua-Gua) – minivans for 7-8 people, the main type of transport in the city. They can be stopped by waving hands almost everywhere, especially on the main streets, the fare

0.6 USD during the day (at night a double rate).

Gregorio Luper International Airport is 10 km from Puerto PlataóN International Airport.

There are no direct flights from Russia to Puerto Plata. It is most convenient to get to Puerto fee from Moscow with a transfer in Dusseldorf or Munich with Air Berlin Airlines.

From Punta Kana (flights from Moscow arrive here) to Puerto Plata – About 420 km.

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