Puerto Plata Cable Car Runs TriPadvisor Quality Certificate

TELEFERICO DE PUERTO PLATA (Puerto-Plata cable car) Company Rafael Nunese said that the object was for the third time in a row awarded a certificate of the quality of the largest tourist portal TripAdvisor (Certificate of Excellence 2016), handed over to tourist reviews.

Established six years ago, this award celebrates selected hotels, attractions and restaurants, invariably demonstrating the commitment to the highest standards of hospitality and on an ongoing basis, receiving positive feedback from visitors TripAdvisor. To select objects worthy awards, TripAdvisor uses a special algorithm that takes into account the quality, quantity and relevance of feedback and opinions of travelers on the TripAdvisor website over the past 12 months, as well as the term during which the company is registered in the TripAdvisor business directory and its popularity index. on the site.

Puerto Plata Cable Car Runs TriPadvisor Quality Certificate

"Get quality certificate for the third time in a row is a great honor and joy, and we would like to thank our visitors who have allocated time to leave their review on TripAdvisor. For us there is no greater award than their recognition. This certificate of quality is a testimony certificate for us, which strengthens us in our constant striving for perfection, "he noted.

Puerto Plata Cableway – the unique landmark of the island, was built in 1974. Lifting on her Mount Isabel de Torres – a mandatory program for tourists coming to the north dominica region, because from the 800-meter height, a breathtaking view of the city of Puerto Plata, Ocean and amazing beauty Botanical Garden opens. In addition, the statue of Christ the Savior is installed on Mount – a copy of the famous monument to Jesus in Rio de Janeiro. It is not surprising that the cable car enjoys such success among visitors who have long remember this "dizzying" experience.

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