Puerto Escondido: Pacific Beaches Mexico

What is the charm of free travel, you ask? I will answer: in the fact that you can take spontaneous solutions. There is neither a plan-maximum, nor a plan, without fulfilling which you will bite the elbows that remain until the next vacation half a year.

Since both I and Grusix are the very free travelers (in any case, we like to think so much), they took, and decided to rumm up for a week in Coastal Town Puerto Escondido (Pueto Escondido).

  • Beaches Puerto Escondido: Karisalio, Puerto Angehelito, Mansanyo, Princepal, Marinero and Sictel

No, I’m still a little loaf, because everything is happening not by chance. This zigzag was our last chance to see in Mexico Pacific Ocean. Couldn’t you miss it?

We were thinking about this meeting much earlier when they wanted to wear on Beach Acapulco, But with them somehow it did not work out: it seemed that everything was too expensive there, and not on the way was at all. Although the glorious small Christopher invited us there. I met him in Keretaro, he learns there, and lives just in Acapulco. It is a pity that our plans with him have not coincided. In general, we drove past.

But you know that Mexico Country is hot. Soul Tikhonechko and unobtrusively, but asked the water of large seas and oceans. Cocking in Veracrus absolutely did not help this desire to satisfy. I do not know what we were waiting for the beaches of the port city. Although, one plus was still – Saw Mexican Bay.

After Veracruus, the Puerto Escondido coast seemed to be a paradise! Nor in Thai Khanga, nor in Cambodian Sianville, I have not seen anything like. If you add here, the beaches of the village of Puerto Angel and the surrounding area, it turns out the beautiful set. To be honest, even Cancun produced a smaller impression. But about this later.

For now – Puerto Escondido. The beaches here a lot, we visited six. The chip is that they are all different. Yes Yes! Some are similar to each other more, others are less, but everyone has their own face and character.

Okay, there is enough common phrases, wear the trache-de-Bano rather.

Beach Karrisalio

I do not know how you, and we are not looking for light ways, so we immediately go to the farthest beach. This means that before diving, you will have to walk under the scorching sun through a tourist street with cafes, restaurants, souvenir tents and shops. Classic genre, so to speak.

People here are some kind of unaviscient and not very smiling. Whether all their tourists got out, or just hot and everyone sleeps on the go. We yourself semi. Hard to carry 35-degree heat. The sun is mercilessly, the humidity is wild, no shadow saves. Trache de Bano instantly sticks to the body.

It is necessary to quickly run to the water! The farthest from the city center Beach Karrisalio PLAYA CARRIZALILO). That’s where we need. Ufff!

If she is too lazy, you can take a taxi or in city transport, and we love to go. Well, that, that it is hot, enthusiasm is even eliminating))

Pointer «Playa Carrizalillo» there is also on the right track. A little more and see the staircase running down, right there, where the ocean water is noisy. A few steps I… Wow!

And then the steps, also, and still a little. And awareness that then on them up to climb, but now it doesn’t matter. Now it is important to quickly flop into the water. She is so mantite, though? The idea flashed in my head, that we got into paradise. I did not even suspect that it would be so cool.

– It is necessary somewhere backpack.
– Yeah, won sun beds. Let’s go, put in sight, and then the fotik, wallet, suddenly someone sings.

We, already science in Vietnamese, are afraid of things just to leave. Thanks Nlychang! Come to beds under the umbrella, begin to add backpack. A minute later, the local guy runs.

– it… Sun beds are paid
– how many?
– 100 pesos.
– Wow! And if 15 minutes?
– Anyway 100 pesos.
– No, thanks.

Yes, expensive. Perhaps somehow on foot will stand. Add our precious wear on the tree and run, no, rushing to the water.

«Bulk, Bulk», – Heard the wind. This and Grusix and I finally flopped in the Pacific Ocean!

Karrisalio Beach – Bay, clamped between cliffs. He is very small, but with character: waves of the ego, on the feet are filled at once or two. I even had a couple of times on the sand (sensations are not the most pleasant). I generally stop the waves, like a piece of foam, Andrews with them much better copes.

Slightly away from the shore of the Sarera are waiting for their big waves, that’s just not very lucky. The ocean has not yet quite rid.

As for me, so on this beach everything is perfect: palm trees are existing, the water is gorgeous, ranging from an incredible emerald azure color, ending with a super comfortable temperature, yellow sand, cool-combined color with the first two components, fun waves that will not give anyone bounce. Who does not agree, raise your hand. I am sure that there are not many.

We are here to just pour half an hour and go further (you remember that the beaches are six, curious to see everything). And someone comes for the whole day, lying, reads books, others struggle with waves, either in hand-to-hand, or with a blackboard.

Want to become even closer to the ocean? Order dinner from just catching seashell inhabitants. I do not even know how they are called. The Sun Dead-Mexican Sun is pleased to brake you delicacy.

While brought into the process of cooking dinner for some gourmet, a local macho approached.

– Ola, Amigos! Ablan Espanyol (speak Spanish)?
– Poto (little).

Switched to English, apparently that the conversation came out more efficient.

– You want to assemble? Board for all day – Total 200 pesos.
– No, we do not know how.
– Then I can give a lesson. Board, instruction, all things – Total 300 pesos.
– How long?
– Hour and a half.
– No, not today, we leave soon.
– Then come tomorrow, I’m here every day, hurt the cafes. Total 300 pesos.
– What is your name?
– Juan.
– OK, Juan, maybe another time.

Puerto Escondido Pacific Beaches Mexico

Although they know themselves that the other times, most likely there will be no, because it makes no sense because of one or two days try to put on the board.

I did not have time to step away, the other approached. M-yes, tourists plunge on full, although it is not annoying. This other suggested riding a boat: an hour for 100 pesos and three hours for 350 peso with a person. The first option for those who want tortasters to see, the second – Who hopes to see dolphins. A tempting offer, but again not here and not now.

Well, it’s time to go. Again some local Amigo broadcasts something in our direction. Again SERF? No, boat? No? Says, there is a secret bay nearby, it is necessary only for the stones to go along the path. Aah, well, for such advice thanks!

We climb, of course. A little up the stones that to the right of the beach, a little along the path through thickets and here it is, a secret bay.

Cute such, pretty, deserted. En-no! Prevented some kind of kissing couple. Okay okay, do not be distracted, we are not long.

The same paths are chosen on Karrisali, we conquer the long staircase that crashes on the road, and follow further. And what’s next, where the way is kept? On the neighboring beach.

Puerto Angelito Beach

Already on the approach to the destination, we understand that there will be fun. Higher tourist buses and driving back and forth people kill theoretical opportunity for privacy. Well, okay, we are not so hot.

One pointer calls Puerto Angehelito beach, the other on the Manzanyo, and we go a little away to go to the first from the very edge.

Do not believe, surprise awaited us again! Tiny rocky bay with transparent water and shells. Well, isn’t Charm?

To admit honestly – my weakness, from every beach, where they are, at least a little, but carry. Right, without them a backpack is not great and heavy))

Well, one of the last shell take, and let’s go, oh, and one more, and this beautiful. Laado, go. Make your way through buses, shops with coca-cola, tents with swimsuits and again fall in paradise. Only he is more crowded and noisy. And in size more. The name of this paradise – Puerto Angelito Beach (Playa Puerto Angelito).

In general, all the same as in Karrisalio, only multiplied by five: five times more palm trees, five times more cafe-restaurants-sunbeds and boats.

Quiet, calm water, no waves, drift, please, how much do you want. Probably, therefore, Mexicans are so many here, all with children. This is a complete fearless chocolate thunder – Mandre and Padre will not worry that the wave in the ocean will take.

You know what is apparently invisible in Puerto Escondido? Fishes! And what to be surprised, immediately the ocean holds. Each restaurant has several types of fish in the menu, prepared, and so, and soak, and that. Plus all sorts of shrimps, squid, lobsters and octopuses. In general, seafood lovers will be satisfied. On Puerto Angehelito Beach, you can order a fresh fish without departing from the cashier, or rather, from the coast. And now she recently saved somewhere in the blue jungle, Mahala fins and moved the habians, and now lies on your plate silent. And her life stands just 100 pesos.

If the fish do not want to lie on the beach, it is already tired of lying, you can no longer swim, let’s go to the crab parrot, their great set plunged on the stones, embracing the beach on the left and right.

I do not like to watch crabs, it’s all the Andrews amateur for them to hunt, and even better to catch one and give up three wishes. I really look at how the waves about the shore are broken. Boring occupation. Not boring, but fascinating, there is something magic and soothing.

What do you think we are so manitis in the beaches? After all, rolling under the sun so hot, and all the beauty in a few days becomes completely familiar and ordinary. And every time the spell is all stitching: «beaches, beaches, beaches». For many beach holidays – it’s just still the standard of perfect vacation. What is the case? I, perhaps, did not find a response to this question.

Oh, something I completely went to myself, thought. We go to the next beach, there are smaller people, just pay for.

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