Puerto Escondido: Pacific Beaches Mexico Part 2

To the next hand to file – Go artificial bridge and everyone, Meet – Mansanyo Beach (Playa Manzanillo). Strange somehow is completely small. What’s the catch? Maybe a bigger wave, with the kids is scary to frolic (and there are kids in every family, and there are also a lot).

Enough to meditate. Once, two, three, run into the water. Talking in it can be infinite, it is so nice, affectionate, refreshing. I remember that the water was hot in Sianville, did not give a drop of long-awaited salvation from heat. And here is good, Fres, so to speak.

Still, I never cease to be surprised that the Pacific Ocean turned out to be so beautiful. For some reason I thought that he would be more frown and unwriting, and here such benevolence and playfulness.

How many we are already the beaches looked? Three. Still some? Three. It means that you die and put on. You are with us?

At the end of the beach there is a walkway, I think she needs us. Climb the steps and go out on the road.

Princal Beach

Before the next beach will have to go a little. It’s hot, around nothing remarkable, just residential areas, just faceless at home. Do not try to find bright Mexican houses or luxurious churches in Puerto Escondido, or cute square, there is nothing here. But there is an ocean and cool beaches. And this is why we are here.

With the roadway we turn on some path-staircase. People with towels are passing by, in wet shorts, it means that we are moving in the right direction. Immediately, not too embarrassed, stands a couple, kissing, and hugging. As the black owner said from the movie "House of cards", "When you are sweaty and you are hot, you are ripe and ready". Here they seem to be ready))

These two either will not be bothering hard, better go further. Gradually, the path develops into a rock staircase, going right above the water.

After a few meters it is shown Princal Beach (Bahía principal). To be honest, never understood with the accuracy of the names. Actually «BahíA» – it’s bay or bay, but not the beach. However, among tourists it is customary to think that Princepal – This is a central beach that smoothly goes into the next – Marinero. I would say that Marinero – This is the beach that is in the Bay Princal. Although, in general, is all important?

Let the effect of the crowd wins, I also have two beaches.

What to say about prison? Central beach, he is central – Norodiore is full.

Kids jump out everywhere. They are funny as small monkeys that you want to squeeze. But you know that the monkey can bite. Although these seem to be harmless.

Adults are also having fun. Someone bathes, someone just walks along the edge of the water, but most hid on the shore under umbrellas. Say mexicans dislike the sun. Probably, I would also disliked if it shouted for 365 days a year. That’s what it is not for sure, it is scattered on the beach of sunbathing bodies. Seen, stupid it occupation.

Someone rests, and someone works. Injustice or law of life?

We go and again hearing a familiar question: «You do not want to ride on the boat?» And again the same prices – 100 and 350 peso – Standard dachshund. Here we see, someone goes to an individual maritime tour, probably such an option will be more expensive.

By the way, you see, the sand is different. On previous beaches everywhere yellow was, and here is some kind. More precisely, bright with black impurity like marble. Maybe therefore water does not seem so magical?

Beach Marinero

Beach Princal is not too long, but not a cozy little beach. It is wide and spacious. And somewhere here or a little away smoothly flows into Beach Marinero (PLAYA MARINERO).

On marinero cool! Let’s go, show why. See what waves? Calmly swim here will not work here, if only the soul does not require extreme, but you can look at this rust.

The most interesting starts at the end of the beach, in front of rocks. Here the wave is twisted into the trim lambs and gives joy and seconds of happiness to the sorts.

Some long do not decide to go into the water.

Others are not solved at all))

In addition to the waves on Marinerro, there are palm trees, and cafes, but who needs them when there is such an ocean? That’s all empty.

Here is the end of the beach, behind him – next. Did not have time to cross the line, two amigos came to us. So strange as jay and silent bob – one smiles mysteriously, the second broadcast began.

– You want to excursion? Turtles, Dolphins, all things.

– Not wanting.
– Spanish speak?
– No, speak English.
– AAA.

Switched to whisper.

– Marivana, Cocaine?
– Hmm, no, thanks.

– OK, good rest.

Imagine? That’s so simple, among the white day. Oh and Puerto Escondido))

Go further where. They remembered how in Cambodia in Siem-reparies, we were approached several times with the same suggestions. And in Thailand they hang for such. Mda.

Beach Sicatel

Behind the rocks begins Beach Sicatel (Playa Zicatela). Perhaps I talk about it separately. Now only hint that this is the most famous beach in Puerto Escondido. Why? Read and find out.

Do not forget to go with us in Puerto Angel and the surrounding area, there are also many great beaches.

Enjoy your swim, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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Lyuba 23.05.2014

What are you fellows.

We do it all, others all show and tell, and even instructions for future travelers left.

Thank you very much!

Puerto Escondido Pacific Beaches Mexico Part 2

We try not only to share our photos, but also useful information. Certainly useful to someone 🙂

Yuliya 27.05.2014

Vyyyy chtoo. much further to run? both without surf? I would have stayed for at least a couple of weeks :))))) such waves!:))

Sheboldasik 28.05.2014

Yuille, I’m afraid all of these waves! I watch something on them terribly, not that get into the epicenter)) Andryukha, too, something not expressed a desire to stormy. More precisely, he expressed, but not so rapid that to stay and make friends with the board.

Guys, hello! thanks for the beauty! Still, the water is always attracted human, what can we say about the ocean!

PS. I found you via Mila, very nice to meet you. We also travel to Mexico, but with two kids! 🙂

Sheboldasik 02.06.2014

Pauline, and we are pleased to meet! Thank Mile!

It turns out, can literally shake hands with each other, for sure you are not too far away)) By the way, where? Also in the long journey?

We are on Lake Chapala, in the town of Ajijic. Come to the blog http: // polina.harbertstudio.com (something I have not found how to insert a link in commenting on, show me por favor :))

Sheboldasik 02.06.2014

Pauline, I do not even know where it is ((Must see, was curious.

Active link does not insert – blog the costs made on the knee, says Andryusiks)) I think it will soon fix.

Lake Chapala – not far from Guadalajara, Jalisco – one of the favorite destinations of American retirees :))

And about the link I meant how to insert that in the name could click (as Julia, for example).

Come on, what the costs! I generally write posts only when children are asleep 🙂 afternoon does not work!

Sheboldasik 02.06.2014

The lake is lovely, looked in your article (can be the same on "you"?). Seniors know where to go it is necessary, they have seen a lot in life))

Oh, you still need to finish in a blog, I hope you will reach the hands)) I can not imagine children at all.

Beck eighteen.06.2017

Do you have not reached the beach Playa Bacocho? 🙂

Most likely they were, but missed or accepted him at the other beach. Judging by the map, we should surely have to be.

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