Puerto Del Sal

Madrid’s heart – This is beautiful Puerto Del Sal (Other Title – Sun Gate). It is noteworthy that it is at this point that the most famous «zero kilometer», from which all roads in the country begin to measure. «Zero kilometer» You can see with your own eyes – This sight of Madrid is closed in the form of a plate of bronze opposite the former mail.

His name Puerto del Sol Salt is taken from the name of the urban round wall here. In 1521. King Carlos I ordered to demolish these gates, and in human memory they remained only in the form of titles. The traditional architectural layout of the streets has been preserved, which is characteristic of the exit to the gate on the square there are three main streets of the city of Major, Alkal and San Heeronimo. Square has been subjected to renovations and re-equipment several times, due to which in fact, what we see today was created in the reconstruction of 1860-1864. Subsequent reconstructions were already purely cosmetic, designer modifications.

Puerto Del Salt Sights of Madrid Travel Guide

Puerto Del Salt Square, probably one of the most attractive and beautiful at night – all its buildings, fountain, a sculpture of a bear and a strawberry tree (Madrid symbol) amazingly beautifully highlighted. Therefore, it is one of the favorite place of night walks of citizens and tourists, there are many diverse cafes, shops and souvenir shops.

On Puerto Del Sol Sol, the most important hours of Spain. If our TV is shown at the time of the New Year’s hour of the Kremlin, then all Spain meets the new year on the clock from the tower installed on Puerto Del Sol! Historically, Puerto del Sol Square survived a lot, the uprisings broke out here, the revolutions began, the constitutions were proclaimed. Unfortunately, the tragic events did not go around the Square Party – in 2004. Here the explosions of the attacks thundered.

Puerto Del Salt Sights of Madrid Travel Guide

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