Puerto del Rosario (Puerto Del Rosario)

Puerto Del Rosario (Puerto del Rosario) – City and port on the northeastern coast of Fuerteventura, is the capital of the island.

This is the largest city on Fuertovtureture, a third of the inhabitants of the island – 35,293 people live here (2008).

Previously, the city was called Puerto de Cabras – «Goat Port»: In the neighboring gorge, drove on the water of goats. In 1956, the city was renamed, having considered that the new name would be more complicated for the rumors of Fuerteventura.

In recent years, the authorities have been actively developing tourism in the city: a pedestrian embankment is built near the harbor, landscaped urban sandy beaches.

During his stay in Puerto Del Rosario is worth a visit Church of Nourera SeƱora Del Rosario and admire her classic facade.

Puerto del Rosario (Puerto Del Rosario)

Standing opposite Museum de Uanmanuno Will be interested in lovers of Spanish literature. Here the writer and philosopher Miguel de Unomuno lived during the link. The museum recreates a typical interior of the period, including a genuine writer desk.

It is also worth visiting an open-air sculpture exhibition – Parque EscultóRico.

Port of Puerto Del Rosario has a ferry message with the Islands of Grand Canaria and Lanzarote. International Airport is 5 km from the city.

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