Puerto de la Cruz (Puerto de la Cruz)

Puerto de la Cruz (Puerto de la Cruz) – resort and a major tourist center on the northern coast of Tenerife. Population – about 29,000 people (2014).

Currently, this is the oldest resort of the island and the main ones in the northern coast of Tenerife.

Island tourism on Tenerife started from this city, but the last 30 years, the scales bowed towards the south. Despite this, Puerto de la Cruz attracts travelers not only by the developed entertainment industry, a large number of hotels and restaurants, but also the fact that the locals were able to preserve the original atmosphere of the truly Canary city in it.

If modern southern resorts consist almost from one hotels and built specifically for tourists, Puerto de la Cruz is a city with a centuries-old history, in which a significant part of the indigenous population of Tenerife lives.

Historically, the city is as if divided into two parts: an old and modern. The old town is always full of tourists who are glad to walk through a narrow cobbled streets, admire with colorful houses with balconies from carved wood, visit the vintage churches and museums.

The unfriendly ocean on the northern coast – the main disadvantage of Puerto de la Cruz from the point of view of the beach holiday space. Often, especially in winter, waves here are very high and strong.

In the city two beach with black volcanic sand. In the eastern tourist part – Playa Martianez Beach and at the opposite end of the resort – Playa Jardin Beach.

Playa Jardin Beach is much more attractive for swimming. Nearby breaks a wonderful garden with exotic and not very trees.

Puerto de la Cruz was originally a port for La Orotava, located in the depths of the island and had a secondary role.

However, after in 1706 the port of Garachico was destroyed by the eruption of Teide, Puerto de la Cruz became an important port of the northern coast of Tenerife.

At the end of the XIX century, the city began to be visited by tourists from England, and in 1950 he became the first and largest resort not only in Tenerife but also on all the Canary Islands.

The main attraction of the resort Loro Park (Loro Parque) – or parrots park. It is a mixture of the zoo, the botanical garden and the circus. Its area is 125 thousand. kv. M. Founded in 1972,. It is an oasis of exotic vegetation and diverse fauna with an extensive entertainment program for spectators of all ages: the submission of dolphins, sea lions and parrots show, collected from around the world. Magnificent aquarium, dolphinarium, an aviary with crocodiles, pond with colorful fish, orhidary are just some of the attractions of the park

Puerto de la Cruz (Puerto de la Cruz)

In the city for tourists is particularly popular old Plaza del Charco – a favorite place of citizens and tourists gather. Both are walking to the statue of the Virgin Mary, admiring the fireworks, drinking coffee in the cozy bistro or sit on the stone benches in the shade of the Indian laurels.

Along the coast you can walk along the delightful pedestrian promenade. Along the entire route of the observation platforms are located, souvenir shops and numerous fish restaurants.

Also, on a very busy Calle San Telmo, you can visit the old chapel of the same name. This church was built in 1626 and it holds a statue of St. Telmo, patron saint of fishermen. Every year the city hosts a very bright and spectacular celebration of fishermen. On this day, the statue of St. Telmo carried out of the church, seated in a boat decorated with flower garlands, and sent into the ocean accompanied by the best fishermen.

History lovers should visit San Felipe Castle (San Felipe), built in the early 17th century in the Spanish colonial style, royal customs (Casa de la Real) is the oldest of all the buildings (1620), and small fishing port (18 century).

It is worth paying attention to such historical buildings as House Miranda (Casa de Miranda), where now is a gift shop and restaurant, House Irirarta (Casa Iriarte) on the street of the same name with the store and the sea museum, House Abaco (Casa Abaco) – House of the Museum of Canary Architecture.

Very beautiful church Nourera Senora de la Pena de France (Nuestra Senora De La Pena de Francia) Buildings 18 V. It is very popular among young people what night weddings are held in her almost every night.

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