Puerto Angel and surroundings: Pacific Beaches Mexico Part 2

A few meters to the indexes on hotels, another – «ACCESO A Playa CamaróN», What means «Login by Camaron Beach». Interesting! Another secret beach? Well, well, well. The flair did not fail, it turns out that it’s not for nothing. The next goat trails go down to the bay.

She is completely miniature, all sleeping with seashells and clamped between the rocks, and nonpougalian crabs are worn along the shore.

Already completely dried dive into the water. «Ah, oh!» – All the bottom is dotted with stones and corals. Here and here glasses or mask!

Cooling, sit down in the shade of rocks and decide to dine by the most sandwiches of 10 peso. Mmm, very edible. In nature, it all seems doubly tastier. No, triple!

Beach Sipolite

With new forces, we go to continue the study of the beaches in the vicinity of Puerto Angel, we will get to it. Something I do not want to go back to the top on the same steep path. How they say there? «Smart to the mountain will not go». But we will have to leave another exit from the bay. Out of above, on the other hand, some kind of house can be seen, but it goes more friendly path. Can try to get out. Raise, around the construction, fences, where to turn it is not clear. There is someone alive, interesting. There is a guy of some kind of corner looks out, trying, apparently, understand that we forgot.

– Hello! We are here on the beach, Sipolite pass?
– Yes, won to the other way, go there.

So that’s great! We go – go and suddenly rest in the closed lock. How so, spoke to pass. From the reverse side to the fence, the company is suitable with suffled boards, begin to leak into the hole next to the gate. Bingo! They can be seen not the first time this operation is done. They are from there, we are there, the balance remains. Just in case we are interested in whether we go. They say correctly.

Slowly rejoicing to the cherished Beach Sipolite (Playa Zipolite). More precisely, to the hotel through which you have to get. «Fenugreek» called. The name is what mysterious, and the hotel itself looks very interesting.

To the question of how things are with the rooms, SeƱora replied that there are bungalows for two 250 pesos, with a large bed and a fan. With the Internet, the situation is incomprehensible, it seems like.

The terrace offers a magnificent beach view.

Go down from the hotel’s heights. On the right there is a small almost isolated cliffs of the bay, the next paradise corner. Already tired of admiring beauty. It seems here the beaches are even pretties than in Puerto Escondido. Although it is difficult to compare them, and whether it is necessary.

For cove in all its glory appears a long beach Sipolite. He stretched out almost a kilometer, he was even shared on the plots, apparently, to make it convenient to appoint a meeting place: Colonia Roca Blanca, Centro and Colonia Playa Del Amor.

Well, let’s go see what’s interesting here, and I swim, perhaps. Sleeping on the water, do not touch anyone, suddenly a bare uncle goes to meet. That is, completely naked. Whates, and the beach is nudist! No, it’s not forbidden to walk in swimsuits and swimps, but be prepared to see Macho in what mother gave birth. Union with nature, however.

And now the competition for attentiveness: Find Nudist. Found? So, with your care, your order))

From all the beaches this most crowded. Along the coast is full of hotels from very small to large, rimpets cafes, bungalows, sun beds. Life boils the key. I think in the evening a real party unfolds here.

Oh yeah, you gathered to swim. Completely forgotten while they watched the local flavor. We leave a backpack on the banks under the protection of local dogs and go to the affairs of the ocean.

Hmm, something is wrong here.. We go, go, and the water does not even get to the knee. So that’s why the water looks so strange. Waves are broken away from the coast, and only lambs reach the sand, similar to whipped foam. Where it becomes deeper, big waves appear, which are tormented to cover with your head. Andrews as usually climbed into the thick of the events. And here it is good here in calm waters.

Until the end of the beach will not go, it is very long, and the landscape is not very different from whether they just walked.

We go and see two flags nearby. With the first everything is clear – classic mexican, but the second that I have no such thing for the beast. Andrews enlightened me (and where he knows everything): it turns out that the comrades flag is not very traditional orientation. Wow, they have their own flag. It turns out that the beach was occupied not only by nudists, but also Caballers are not the orientation. Well and place. Although the beach, no matter what, cool.

Beach in Puerto Angele

We go to the finish line, more precisely on the roadway, on which the kilometer is worthwhile so two and a half. We overcome the kilometer and we understand that you don’t want to go at all, too hot, and it is boring to stall on the asphalt road, no romance. And here very by the way is approaching the caphine. Jump into it, give five pesos and after a few minutes we turn out to be in Puerto Angele.

We will not walk around the city, today we are only interested in the beaches, and nothing, I think, in the city to look out. Somehow it turns out that most often the seaside cities are poor on man-made sights.

We look out for the first way that goes in the direction of the ocean. She leads us to a small cozy beach with calm crystal-transparent water. Sun beds, umbrellas, houses in stock.

Damn Beautiful Vodity Amazing Color!

There is no pair of minutes, the local suggests, we will find out them from afar.

– Ola, Amigos! You do not want to ride on the boat?
– No, we have no time.
– Not at all expensive, only 180 pesos.
– In an hour?
– For three. Turtles, dolphins, everything will be.
– Still no
– Well then 150 peso.

We begin to blame, just behind.

Puerto Angel and surroundings Pacific Beaches Mexico Part 2

– Nuuu, maybe tomorrow…
– Oh, then book a tour today. If you book today, tomorrow for the same money four hours you will ride you.
– Thank you, but we have no time, we are back in Puerto Escondido.
– Ahh, you’re from there, – the guy sirred, apparently, knows that there was a lot of his own and nobody will return to him tomorrow.
– Good luck,!

In fact, the proposal is excellent: in Puerto Escondido for 100 pesos only take off, and for three already 350 pesos are asked for a person. It is a pity that there was no time, I wanted to leave the light.

Pantheon beach

Excursions excursions, but really this is the whole city beach? Somehow thought he should be more. In Puerto Escondido, one sicatera is worth. Look around and see the path going along the rocks. She takes to the next Pantheon beach PLAYA DEL PANTEON). Oh here’s what the central beach of Puerto Angel. Very small.

Quietly and calmly, there are almost no waves, people too. Only occasionally falling hunters to cool. Still, still Mexicans are not big fans of bathing and sunbathing.

That’s what a lot really is boots and it looks like they are all fishing.

Well, that’s all, a pleasant mission today was fulfilled, watched all the beaches who wanted and even more.

While Pacific Beaches Mexico occupy the first place in my ranking. They will probably be better than the beaches in Cambodian Sihanoukville and on Changga in Thailand, although, justice, I will say that it was great.

By the way, who did not have enough beaches of Puerto Escondido and Puerto Angel, can look into Watulko. They say the local beaches are very pretty. In Oaxaca, the guy from whom we shot the apartment, they were very praised them.

That’s the way, friends, it turns out that in addition to the beaches in Cancun there are in Mexico and others, no less interesting and picturesque.

Pleasant bathing, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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Puerto Angel and surroundings Pacific Beaches Mexico Part 2

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