Puerto Angel and surroundings: Pacific Beaches Mexico

Well, friends, ready for new adventure? Then we again wear the trache de Bano, we appline a thick layer of the cream from the tan and go to substitute the shoulders of the sun and swim on the new unexplored beaches of the Pacific. It turns out that in Puerto Escondido, they are far from the only one – there is still Puerto Angel with surroundings. Here we go back in the morning early.

  • Beaches of Puerto Angel: Masunte, San Agustinia, Camaron Bay, Sympolite and Pantheon

Still not completely awakened with Andrews a bus, fall asleep and open my eyes in an hour and a half Soil. Where is next? To the beaches you still have to get. You can go to Puerto Angel, which is closest, but you can start from afar, from the surrounding. Perhaps, with the last and let’s start, somehow I do not want to be in the evening in the distant wilds. Luleley Planets generally scares that tourists are killed there. Maybe it was better to sit at home? NOTE, that’s definitely not our option. One hundred percent LP is lying to tourists in those regions smaller.

Beach Masunte

We leave from the bus station to the street, we catch the first taxi driver.

– Ola, Buenos Diaz, Senor! How much cost to get to Masunte?
– To the beach?
– Yeah.
– One hundred fifty pesos.
– Wow! A to Puerto Angel? – So, from curiosity decided to ask.
– To Puerto Angel eighty.

«Maybe someone else with you goes for that kind of money», – We decide with Andrews and go to look for other options or less greedy taxi driver.

Another option appears in five minutes and a hundred meters of walk along the main road. Framework with the inscription Mazunte on the windshield and the cost of travel 10 peso – need.

Having received a dismissed massage on a wooden bench, we go out in the village village of the same name. Something is wrong here… All some kind of folded, clean, path paved, hotels at every turn. Otherwise like a tourist village. So, the settlement is enough to consider, we arrived at the beach.

A few more dozen steps and now he – Beach Masunte PLAYA MAZUNTE). Silence, nor a person, only nine clear water, yellow sand, and blue sky. AN-No, that’s some tent pliz. Yeah, someone gets out of her, shakes dreads, sits down next to the pebbles, pulls out a cigarette, snacks. Okay, let’s not interfere, go on.

Ohh, ocean here is what troubled, it strives to lick all the coastal sand and grab the leg. In the water somehow it is afraid to smoke, not woken up even finally, suddenly the waves will pick up and take to the expanses of the azure water. I’m not a coward, but I’m afraid)) look at the place of quiet.

Masunte Beach Small, cozy and picturesque. On the right, it is limited to the water with a narrow piece of sushi, which wears a very romantic name Comet (Punta Cometa). Along the shore smashed small hotel, palm houses, some canopies. Obviously life is present, only still sleeps.

You wonder how much it costs in this paradise? So it became curious. We climb the steps of the Posada Ziga hotel (he is the biggest and, apparently, the famous, even the google map is marked).

– Hello, Comrade Administrator!

– Good morning senior! How much is the room for two in your hotel?
– We have different. From 300 to 600 pesos.
– And the Internet is working? – Suddenly, I think he has a problem with communication.
– Yes, it works and good. That’s just no air conditioner, only fan. And cleaning, and laundry, everything is.
– Many thanks!

Cute such a hotel, all in greenery, intricate canopies. Yes, and prices are quite acceptable. Lovers of silence and peace, I think, will quite appreciate this place, if, of course, in the evening there is not unfolded by Vakhanalia. How to know, there are such surprises. In a quiet pool…

From the veranda, the pose opens a great view, it means that it is compatible with pleasant with useful – also a couple of overview frames.

So I would like to be traded the slogan of the roller who stuffed asking: «Who said that heaven on earth does not exist?»

Well, looked, wandered, got down, go further. Already to swim somewhere did not prevent. The sun is warmed up, whether there will be. «Pshik-Pshik», – Does not cease to publish our bubble with a lotion from the sun. Manufacturers argue that it is necessary to flash every two hours. After the last walk on the beaches of Puerto Escondido, we tend to believe. It is very unpleasant to walk with a feeling of a hot iron on the skin.

In fact, the weather forecast promised the rains, thunderstorms and clouds today, we went to your fear and the risk of not seeing joyful landscapes. So far, neither the first or second, nor third, pah-pah-pah.

San Agustinia Beach

Directly along the shore on the next beach do not get sway, some are all isolated. Return back to the village. Oh someone’s house on wheels. Someone and so travels. As for me, so solid romance. Interesting, in practice it is as romantic? I would not completely mind the country completely autonomously, so as not to depend on hotels and ges. Still a van is like in the film «Meet the Fockers».

We are chosen on the roadway, put, put it, and after about fifteen minutes later we get to another beach. Hears the name San Agustinio Beach (San Agustinillo) and is located in the village of the same name.

Long beach – meters 600-700, no less and clearly not wild. Here you and hotels, and restaurants, and bars, and sun beds. And do not even believe – Tourists! Well, about the fact that there is excellent sand, the water is a miracle and lush splashing palm trees, I will not even mention, it is good on every beach there is.

The driver is calm and affectionate in appearance, especially in the place, fell apart from the ocean cliffs. We throw a backpack and Shorts-T-shirts on the cliffs, scattering the fitted crabs, and dive into the sea-ocean. Pshshsh. Yes, we managed to warm up))

Puerto Angel and surroundings Pacific Beaches Mexico

Water is warm and so transparent, which can be seen on the legs and floating past fish. And she shines, because there is some kind of brilliant suspension in the sand – The spectacle is very beautiful.

«Oh oh!» – I am publishes uncharacteristic interdomrichia Andriusix. It turns out that his someone has a pinch under the fingers under water. What do you think who? Krabic. I do not know, maybe I wanted to drag off as mining.

We move closer to the rocks and begin to stare into the water. There, the stones of all living creatures are clearly more. «Eh, mask with a tube», – Once again Andrews sighs. And what they are on the banks for rent do not give up, clearly wanting to take advantage of it would be enough. The guy with a friend, which nearby, just considered the fish through swimming glasses nearby. And what do you think? Takes this amigo glasses from his girl and stretches their Andriusix, inviting to observe for the inhabitants of the underwater world. Universe, and you really hear us!

The guys swim, and we chatted about that we. They from Mexico, came to Puerto Escondido on vacation, and they decided to watch other beaches. Right as we!

Sorry with the guys and go on. Already a whole hour spent on the beach of San Agustinia and do not even want to leave. Good here! Relax and serenity in everything.

Some tourists in the lotus position open the chakras towards the sun.

I can not believe that there is noisy and crowded. Although, a lot of bars, restaurants and a whole string of sun beds come to the thought that happens. Looks like really still sleep.

Have not yet wanted to eat? We are no hot, not before eating. Nevertheless, a desire to buy a couple of buns at the local girlfriend-selling buns, at least for being so cool. But instead, just sfotkali her)) in the backpack there is already a dinner dry – Two sandwiches of 10 peso (hopefully edible).

I’m saying, I don’t want to leave)) But it’s time, there is still a lot of interesting things ahead! Reader, keep up!

Ara beach

We reach the end of the beach and get up before choosing, like that bogatyr: directly go – To come to the main road, go to the right – At the unknown beach you will find, as evidenced by the plate «Playa Ara 60 m». Nothing about such not heard. Pass by? Yes, for nothing! Straight go on an unknown path and through the courtyards of some hotels and thickets get on the same promised Ara beach (Playa Ara).

Wild beach! Neither soul, nor a single hotel or a sun bed, even the palm trees, only the ocean and picturesque rocks. Oh who is it? One person is still in this secluded corner – runs there and here, doing sports, I thought, probably, no one will find him here and will not see. Not there was something. Sheboldasik and Andrews here like here.

Ara Beach is very small, plugged between the rocks. Separate stones stick out of water, like ridges of dragons. Eh, beauty! By the way, this runner, it seems, initially came to curb, because the rocks at the end of the beach lies the board. Can be seen here there are big waves there.

Curiosity satisfied. Now and the next beach can be advanced. Again through the rocks do not move, you will have to go around. Not much nor little, more than two kilometers will have to protrud, or even three. Wow, everything is roasting and hotter becomes, happier hats-Panama and ahead. Yes, by the way, and where to go something… We catch running sief, for more some kind of and asking, in which direction to move to Sipolit. He pulls his finger in a path. Misch Grasias!

The path brings to the roadway. Go on it is not too fun, but there is no choice. Probably, you can catch a fellow with good mexicans, but no one is in a hurry to pass by.

Oh, turn right, just where we need. If you believe GPS, the beach is a little further, but there is a turn. And there is still a desire to leave the road, from the asphalt and sinks with heat. Some pointers on hotels – «Casa Sol», something else. Let’s go to? Let’s go to!

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