Puerto Angel and surroundings: Pacific Beaches Mexico Part 3

Below I describe how to get to different points: Before the fever, to leave the beaches of Puerto Angel and the surrounding area, to Puerto Escondido from Oaxaca and T.D. Bloom, do not get confused what and where to be, so it is better to use the card to represent everything clearly (card below).

How to get to the postponle (next to Puerto Angele) from Oaxaca

From Oaxacks go straight minibuses in the soil. You can find them at the following addresses:

  • ARMENTA 621 (Auto Express de Turismo).
  • BustamanTe 601 (AutoTransportes Miahuatecas).

Ticket price – 170 peso. On the way 6 hours. Send often, especially in the afternoon.

How to get to Puerto Escondido from Oaxaca

How to get and where we lived I described in detail the Pacific Beaches Mexico – Puerto Escondido

How to get to the soaps from Puerto Escondido and back

First option: To get from Puerto Escondido to the postproof, you can use the first class bus, departing from the OCC bus terminal (from the same to which came from Oaxaca). It is located near Super Cheer Supermarket. The ticket to the soap is 80 pesos, on the way 1:10, the departure time can be viewed on this site (the first bus leaves at 7:00, the next only for lunch).

Second option: Use the second class bus or minivan, which in turn depart from the San Juan hotel, located opposite the same supermarket Super Che (across the road). The ticket is worth 38 pesos, buses are sent from 5:00 to 20:00 every 15 minutes, on the way 1.5 hours.

We took advantage of the second option (by bus). In the postproof, arrived at the bus station, from her evening at 18:00 left back. The first class bus station is located on the same street nearby.

How to get to Masunte from Schuft

First option: take advantage of taxi. We were offered to get from the postparters to Masunte for 150 peso (I think the bargaining is appropriate).

Puerto Angel and surroundings Pacific Beaches Mexico Part 3

Second option: take a caimion (minibus with a booth, in which wooden shops for passengers are made). With this option, we took advantage. The passage is only 10 pesos, to go half an hour.

Third option: On the main road in the sovel, you can catch a large city bus, the main thing is to find the inscription Mazunte on it. We, sitting in a firewall, have seen such a couple.

How to get to Puerto Angel from Masunte

Between all the beaches, minibuses are running, passing on which costs 5-7 pesos. You can try to catch a fellow. We moved between the beaches on foot along paths and road.

Distances between the beaches:

  • Masunte – San Agustinia – 1 kilometer
  • San Agustinia – Sipolite – 4 kilometers
  • Sipolite – Puerto Angel – 2.5 kilometers

How to get to Puerto Angel from Stew and Back

First option: take advantage of taxi. We were offered to get from the postparters to Puerto Angel for 80 peso (I think the bargain is appropriate, but hardly drop a lot).

Second option: take a ship. Travel worth 7 pesos, in the way 20 minutes.

There are the same options in the opposite direction. We reached Puerto Angel to the postponle. You can catch her on the main road going in the soil, anywhere.

Map with beaches of Puerto Angel and the surrounding area

List of beaches and objects of Puerto Angel and surroundings marked on the map

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