Puerta Del Puente Gate

Puerta Del Puente Gate located at the base of the Roman bridge. The name of the sights from the Spanish is translated as the gate at the bridge.

The current appearance of Puerta Del Puente received in 1571. Before arrival in Cordova Philipp II, the architect of German Ruiz was proposed a project of an entry gate. To this day over the entrance at the gate, you can read the inscription about the visit of the king in Cord.

Puerta Del Puente Gate Attractions Cordova Travel Guide

By the appearance of the gate greatly resembled a triumphal arch. Young at the beginning of the 16th century, Renaissance style reflected in the appearance of Puerta del Puente – Classic doric columns rest on a high base, and their array of massive antablem. Thus, the gate on the project Herman Ruiz replaced the old, built by the Romans of the city gate. It is worth noting that the new gate has expanded the possible entry into the city and at the same time kept the defensive function necessary in those days. Some time, the gate continued to remain part of the city fortress wall, but later the walls were removed, and the gate retained as a separate architectural monument.

Today, Puerta Del Puente is included in the Architectural Ensemble of the Roman Bridge. Near the goal you can see the statue of the Saint Patron of Cordoba – Archangel Rafaila. Here you can always see candles and flowers. Saint continues to be honored by citizens.

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