Puebla – Talaver City, Toaf and Wide Streets Part 2

In Puebla from Jolly, returned to lunch and went to see another miracle – Volcano cat (Cuexcomate). Yes, it was the volcano, and in the midst of the city. A cat is considered the smallest in the world, only thirteen meters in height and 23 in diameter. He is not acting, which allowed to build a staircase, descending directly to his crater. It is said that if a powerful eruption of a pop-path happens someday, then a cat will disappear, so do not miss the chance to see the baby.

Even attention attracted Museum of railway (Museo Nacional De Los Ferrocarriles Mexicanos), yes no in vain! It turned out to be very interesting, entertaining and informative. On the territory of many, many cars in several rows: passenger, cargo, postal, in some can even go out, but it is mostly impossible or only peeping in the window. Romantic is somehow all – Trains, wagons…

Exactly, as in every city, the churches are full and bakery. It’s just some kind of curse, because, it seems, we are with Andrews awards to local baking. It’s time to tie, otherwise we will soon resemble typical mexicans))

Walked, walked and got up to the evening. Energy on this day was even debugging, so we decided to see what the inhabitants of Puebla live on the day off after sunset. It turned out, they did not invent anything original: they pace the elegant on the streets, they arrange ideas, sit in cafes and restaurants. All like everyone else. Only the number of people surprised, especially on Sinko-de Mao Street, like herring in barrel.

In general, the evening city liked: Cute illumination, lanterns, the overall feeling of lightness and fun (Resting Mexicans are able).

The last one was dedicated to the third day with Talavera, namely, went on an excursion for one of the factory. Chose the oldest, founded in 1824 – House-Museum Talavera Uriarte (Museo-Casa Talavera Uriarte).

We were told and showed the whole cycle of production of this beautiful ceramics. I liked the excursion. Blanko recommend!

On this in our acquaintance with Puebla, a point was put.

What to say? You can throw me with tomatoes, but I was not impressed by Puebla. Perhaps because she is not lucky to be next after such bright and emotional cities like Keretaro, San Miguel and Guanajuato. Mixed feelings remained: if you abstract from personal perception, the city is quite good, interesting and entertained, but it seemed to me a little dry and restrained, more gray than we were accustomed to see (I am about small Mexican towns) and not so cozy.

That I liked everything 100%, so it’s talavera! Perhaps at least in order to see the tile and ceramics, it is worth going to Pueblu. Andriusix still Vulcanik Impressed))

Enjoy your walks on Pueble, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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By the way, for those who plan to go to Mexico, we recommend paying attention to an alternative look at Mila Demenkova’s blog: what to see in Mexico (we also found something useful for ourselves).

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Puebla - Talaver City, Toaf and Wide Streets Part 2

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Boris thirty.12.2015

In Pueble, such wide streets because it was not built on the site of the Indian city, as happened to the majority of Mexican cities, but on the wasteland. Through the city went shopping caravans from both oceans in Mexico City. The city, in addition to the dishes, is also famous for confirmation dresses. According to the legend, the fashion on these dresses of the color of the color, introduced the so-called "Chinese princess". Was this girl in China no one knows, but the approximate essence of the legend is such that she was taken as a gift to Governor Mexico. But I really liked it to one of the local oligarchs, who paid money for her for those times, and brought to my house, as personal servants for his wife. The governor found another Asian, and this girl was so closer in the house of his owners, that those being childless, having fascinated her, and after death he left her all their capital.

All this long prelude to the fact that the Chinese woman was very rich and loved to dress very bright. Mexican tales, as you know, too, to all brightly not indifferent, because fashion on the dresses of the color of the break-eye quickly passed on in Puebla and these dresses were made by one of the city’s business cards. 🙂

Well, and a small advice to your readers who will go to Puebla, (unfortunately, I found your blog only one year after the trip), suddenly come out. The dishes are better to take in street shops, and not on the market, with the tooth-browning sun on a blocking. On the market is more and more expensive, but no better choice. With a museum, judging at the specified prices, the same situation.

And I also recommend that it is there to try the sauce of the mole and dish in the colors of the Mexican flag of Chile Yan Nogada. Both were invented in Pueble. 🙂

Sheboldasik thirty.12.2015

Here they are the advantages of walking with a guide – all local bikes can be found in detail)) we only had to guess, because it was too lazy to look for something on the Internet, and there was no one to tell)) Thanks for the interesting story!

Puebla - Talaver City, Toaf and Wide Streets Part 2

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