Puebla – Talaver City, Toad and Wide Streets Part 3

From Mexico City got to Puebla from the eastern bus station TAPO (near the subway San Lazaro). We drove with second class AU. The ticket costs 140 pesos, the road took two hours. You can travel on buses of other companies, such as ADO, the ticket will cost more, because this is the first class company, respectively, the seats will be a little more convenient, they will give a drum and a bottle of water. For a two-hour trip absolutely not critical, so we preferred cheaper tickets. Bus schedule can be viewed on this site.

How to get to Chaulula from Puebla

Getting to Joluly from Puebla is easier than a simple – on the usual city bus, which is written by the major word Cholula. We caught such a bus on Calle 9 Norte Street, a bus turned off and drove along the street Avenida 14 Poniente. Travel costs only 7.5 pesos, go about half an hour – thirty-five minutes with all stops.

From Jolly in Puebla bus caught on the big street Avenida 12 PTE.

Where we lived in Pueble + Airbnb

In Pueble, we booked a room in advance in Hotel Valencia. The room reminded the one in which lived in Mexico City. By the way, first settled in another, which was more like a cup of three three meters. After contacting the administrator and reconcile photos of the number, which we booked and this small room, came to the consent that we urgently need to settle in the room more. It cost more than booked (370 pesos), but we will live here at the price of a small one 300 pesos per day. Actually, it is not cheap, given the distance from the center (as many as three kilometers) and the surrounding landscapes. Well, okay, there is the most important thing: the table, chairs, the Internet and other amenities.

Address: 11 Norte 4405, Colonia Santa Maria, 72080 Puebla.

As an alternative option for finding housing in Mexican cities, I recommend paying attention to the site airbnb. This is a resource on which the owners offer to rent their housing (rooms, apartments, houses). We have already found excellent accommodation there in terms of price and quality ratio. Below the most appropriate sections of the site:

Going on the last link, you will be taken to the section where all the accommodations offered at Airbnb will be collected in Mexico. There you can enter the title of the city in the upper left corner, which interests, and get a sample of housing based on it, plus "Play" with other parameters.

Details on the operation of the Airbb service and order of booking, as well as $ 20 bonus on the first booking (for unregistered users), look for in my article article. There are reviews and links to specific rooms and apartments that we rented Andrews.

In addition, there is a general article – How to find housing in a journey that can also come in handy.

Map of Puebla’s attractions

List of sights and Puebla objects marked on the map

  • Palafoxian Library (Biblioteca Palafoxiana)
  • Volcano cat (cuexcomate)
  • House Casa De AfeeñIque
  • House of Culture (Casa de La Cultura)
  • Puebla - Talaver City, Toad and Wide Streets Part 3
  • Museum of Talavera (Museo-Casa Talavera Uriarte)
  • Cathedral (Santa Iglesia BasíLica Catedral de Puebla)
  • Museum Amparo (Museo Amparo)
  • Museum Bello and Gonzales (Museo Bello)
  • Museum of the Railway (Museo Nacional De Los Ferrocarriles Mexicanos)
  • Museum of Royal Art Poblano (Museo Poblano De Arte Virreinal)
  • Revolution Museum (Museo De La RevolucióN)
  • National Museum of the Railway (Museo Del Ferrocarril)
  • Revolution Square (Plaza de Revolucion), Paseo Bravo
  • Square / Zada ​​Lane (Plazuela de Los Sapos
  • Mercado El Parian Market
  • Santo Domingo Cathedral (Church Of Santo Domingo)
  • Theater Principal (Teatro Principal)
  • Candy / Sweet Street (Calle de Los Dulces)
  • Fort Guadalupe (FUERTE DE GUADALUPE)
  • Fort Loreto (Fort Loreto)

What can be found in the vicinity of Puebla in the presence of free time

  • Big Pyramid in Cholul
  • City Museum (Museo de la Ciudad de Cholula)
  • Monastery of St. Gabriel (EX-Convento de San Gabriel)
  • Temple of the Apostle Peter (San Pedro APóSTOL)
  • Temple of Our Lady Sentuario De La Virgen de Los Remedios)
  • Central Square (Zocalo)
  • Saucenter Africam Safari

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Boris thirty.12.2015

In Pueble, such wide streets because it was not built on the site of the Indian city, as happened to the majority of Mexican cities, but on the wasteland. Through the city went shopping caravans from both oceans in Mexico City. The city, in addition to the dishes, is also famous for confirmation dresses. According to the legend, the fashion on these dresses of the color of the color, introduced the so-called "Chinese princess". Was this girl in China no one knows, but the approximate essence of the legend is such that she was taken as a gift to Governor Mexico. But I really liked it to one of the local oligarchs, who paid money for her for those times, and brought to my house, as personal servants for his wife. The governor found another Asian, and this girl was so closer in the house of his owners, that those being childless, having fascinated her, and after death he left her all their capital.

All this long prelude to the fact that the Chinese woman was very rich and loved to dress very bright. Mexican tales, as you know, too, to all brightly not indifferent, because fashion on the dresses of the color of the break-eye quickly passed on in Puebla and these dresses were made by one of the city’s business cards. πŸ™‚

Well, and a small advice to your readers who will go to Puebla, (unfortunately, I found your blog only one year after the trip), suddenly come out. The dishes are better to take in street shops, and not on the market, with the tooth-browning sun on a blocking. On the market is more and more expensive, but no better choice. With a museum, judging at the specified prices, the same situation.

And I also recommend that it is there to try the sauce of the mole and dish in the colors of the Mexican flag of Chile Yan Nogada. Both were invented in Pueble. πŸ™‚

Sheboldasik thirty.12.2015

Here they are the advantages of walking with a guide – all local bikes can be found in detail)) we only had to guess, because it was too lazy to look for something on the Internet, and there was no one to tell)) Thanks for the interesting story!

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