Published photos of climbers shot during the climb

Spanish clubbing club Club Vasco De Camping Elkartea summed up the annual photo contest. Participants were offered to show climbers and climbers during the climb to the top or movement on the rock. In total, this year, more than 1,000 works from 58 countries of the world came to the competition, Daily Mail writes.

The first place of the jury was awarded to the Polish photographer Martzin Chasenevski, who photographed the mountaineers climbing on a sheer cliff in the Reserve Adrshpach-Teplice in the Czech Republic.

"I was fascinated by the geometric shapes of the rocks. My task was to balance the available light using a flashlight to illuminate the dark parts of the site, which climbed the climber and my friend is a fall of Zelinsky, "the photographer told.

The photographer from France Alex Buissies showed how the climber Jeff Mercier gets out of a huge cracked inside the Glacier of Mer de Glaz. The length of this glacier is 7 km, and the depth is 200 m.

Published photos of climbers shot during the climb

Australian Simon Carter photographed fearless climbers who challenged gravity. On him, Ashley Hendi climbs on the top of the rock, downstairs is insure her partner Elizabeth Chong. Carter managed to catch the frame when Hendi grabbed the edge of the rock, one leg rests in a rock, and the other is in the air.

Alessandro Cartarelli from Italy sent a 360 ° panorama on the contest, which is composed of 18 separate images. Cartarelli captured the evening parking of climbers: a glowing tent on the background of the Alpine Night.

In the same region, the Alps was shot by another photo – with a mountaineering, who climbs the Ice alone on the rock. And this ice looks like a giant icicle, and it seems that it can fall off at any time. Another iceman was removed in the abandoned mine of the coup in Sweden.

Published photos of climbers shot during the climb

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