Public transport Lisbon

Lisbon Airport is located in the city. From there to the city can be reached by public transport – on ordinary buses and Aerobus buses.
For tourists, we still advise when traveling their airports to use Aerobus bus, t. To. It gives a free passage within 24 hours of Lisbon on land transport by Carris (buses, trams, funicular and Santa Justa elevator), as well as discounts in most museums, for example, to visit the fortress (castle) Castelo de Sao Jorge (2 euro discount From the price of a ticket 7.50 euros).
On the Aerobus website and in the booklet written about the free passage: "24h Validity On Aerobus Service and Carris Public Transports (Buses, Trams, Funiculairs & Santa Justa Lift) on the day of the ticket punching. Only for 24h Tickets."

Aerobus has 3 routes:
1. Airport – City Center – Cais Do Sodre Station. Interval of movement – every 20 minutes (after 21 hours – every 30 minutes).
2. Airport – Gare Do Oriente Station (Gare Do Orient). Movement interval – every 30 minutes.
3. Airport – Financial Center on Jose Maloa Street (Avenida Jose Malhoa). Movement interval – every 30 minutes.

The main route is the route number 1, T. To. He goes to the city center. Route number 1 Available from Airport to Lisbon from 07:00 to 23:00; Back on working days from 07:45 to 22:30, and on weekends and holidays from 07:30 to 22:30. Ticket price – 3.50 euros per ticket for 24 hours. Bus stop at the airport is opposite the exit of the arrival hall – you need to go through the road where taxis cost.

Also at the airport are available for travel, several ordinary city bus routes from Carris. We recommend a trip to them from the city back to the airport, t. To. It costs 1.15 euros Plus 0.50 euros per card, which is impossible to return at the airport – against 3.50 euros for the Aerobus bus, discounts on the ticket for which is hardly visible during the reverse trip.

For example, by bus 745 from the city center (Praca Do Comercio) can be reached in the airport:
http: // / en / bus / 745 / ascendente /

2. Payment of travel – Payment methods, fare.

In the public transport of Lisbon there is a cash system of payment (at the entrance) and payment using VIVA VIAGEM and 7 COLINAS.

The fare when paying from the driver at the entrance to transport:

Bus – 1.75 euros.
Tram – 2.85 euros.
Santa Justa elevator (2 trips) – 5 euros.
Funicular Glória (2 trips) Р3.50 euros.

Funicular Bica / Lavra (2 trips) – 3.50 euros.

In the tram number 15 (if it is modern) Tickets The driver does not sell – the machine is installed there, which takes only coins. But there is on this route and old trams – there the driver sells tickets.

Map VIVA VIAGEM – Sold Only in Lisbon Railway Stations and Cassas. Allows you to use not only Lisbon city transport, but also suburban electric trains.

Map 7 Colinas – Main Map of Public Transport Lisbon. The map does not allow the use of suburban electric trains. If you need to use electric trains, then you need to buy a Viva Viagem card at the station.

Cards operate 1 year from the date of sale. After the deadline for the map, it is necessary to transfer the remainder of the old card at the checkout on the new card. The cost of the new card is 0.50 euros. The map can be returned and return 0.50 euros – but only at the box office of that company where the card was purchased. For example, if the map is purchased at the station (in a machine or at the checkout), then it can be returned to the cashier of any Lisbon Station. If the map was purchased in the subway, then it can be returned only in the subway.

Public transport Lisbon

Viva Viagem and 7 Colinas cards work on two systems – prepaid trips and zapping. At the same time, the map cannot be prepaid trips and zapping. Prepaid trips are loaded in automata and at the ticket office of that company on which the trip is to be – ground transport or railway transport.

– The cost of a prepaid trip – 1.25 euros.
– The cost of the trip by Zapping – 1.15 euros.
As you can see, in this case it is beneficial to use the Zapping system.

– The cost of a prepaid trips on a suburban electricide – depending on the distance.
– The cost of a trip on the Zapping system on the suburban electricide – 1.80 euros.
The profitability of the trip must be viewed depending on the distance. For example, a prepaid trip from Lisbon to Cascais is 2.05 euros, and on the zapping system, the trip will cost only 1.80 euros. The benefit of zapping in this case is quite obvious.

Maps with zapping system are convenient because it is not necessary to upload each time prepaid trips – it is enough to make some amount of money and gradually spend it on any transport of Lisbon, and not just a trip to which is currently loaded on the map. If prepaid trips ended on the map, then putting money on the zapping system will be impossible – you can only buy prepaid trips.

The procedure for using cards:
1. Suburban electric trains. When entering the Perron station, you must lower the map to a large circle on the turnstile – it will open automatically. When leaving the perrone, you also need to bring the map to a large circle on the turnstile.
2. Underground. Similar to suburban electric trains.
3. Ground transport. At the entrance (next to the driver or further in the cabin), special automata validators for validators of maps are installed. Map must be reduced to the machine. Within 1 hour, you can transfer free of charge on land transport, every time applying a card to the Validator.

Additional bonuses when charging a Zapping card:

0.15 euros when charging from 5.00 to 6.99 euros.
0.35 euros when charging from 7.00 to 9.99 euros.
0.75 euros when charging from 10.00 to 14.99 euros.
1,15 Euro when charging from 15.00 euros.

Public transport Lisbon

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