Public transport in Prague

Underground. Works from 5 am to 12 nights. Consists of three branches. Subway map
Buses. Opening hours: from 04:30 to 24:00 (as usual). Night mode of operation: from 00:30 to 04:30. Time interval between night buses 60 minutes.
Trams. As well as buses come in day and night (frequency of night trams twice as many buses) and the map of Prague tram

Prague also has night routes of public transport. It is worth visiting the funicular at Petrshinsky Hill.

Table of ticket cost

If you are traveling more than 5 days, then Mono to buy a ticket for a month for 550 kroons. To buy it, you need to have a photo and passport. You can make a travel in the subway, for this you need to ask for a cashier in the form of a questionnaire, after filling it to pay 550 kroons + 40 kroons per certificate.

Metro Station, where you can buy travel in Prague for a month, you can see here (the route A, B or C).

The ticket must be processed, otherwise it is considered invalid.

Bare in Prague is better not to ride, but it threatens a fine in 500 crowns. It happens that there are no weeks the control, and then the control is flooded by the whole city, usually go to groups. Check maybe everyone in the tram, and can be selectively at the exit from the subway.

How to effectively move around the city?
Spend time on the trip to find out "how to get from point a to point b" I always do not want. To twist, tweak the cards and understand the subway regimens or tram routes, takes a lot of time, but if you are in Prague, then you can ease your life. For this you need to know only the site http: // www.MAPY.CZ, Alternative to Google, with interactive cards of Czech cities.

Public transport in Prague

For example, you need to get from the hotel to the famous restaurant Pivovarský D?M, which boils beer itself from speckle to coffee and banana. We look where the brewing doom is located, driven or its name, or the address (if you know). We find the nearest stop. In this case, it is Stepanska.

Suppose you live in the Residence Tabor hotel, drive the address TáBoritská 469/4, we find the nearest tram stop. This is lipanska.

Click on the tram icon. I bet (Odkud), where (Kam) and click on Vyhledat.

The window will open on the http: // jizdnirady.IDnes.CZ, there you can enter what time you want to go. As a result, it will be issued on which transport you can reach, the time in the way and the options for docking with all types of transport (subway, bus, tram), if necessary, as well as accurate arrival time.

You can make a route for the whole day, let’s say so: Hotel – Prague Castle – Wenceslas Square – Beer U Medvedku – Telebashnya in Zizhkov – Restaurant U Houdku – Hotel. Time on the gasket of the route will leave a little, and the effectiveness of your movements will increase.

Public transport in Prague

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