Public transport in Paris

In this article, I will tell you in detail about various types of urban Transport in Paris And I will try to give a maximum of useful information for each of them.


The entrance to the Paris subway is usually indicated Letter "M" either a sign with the inscription "Metro" . Writing and color of this letter, unlike Metro Moscow, can be anyhow (red, yellow, gold and t.D.). Tickets for travel buy at the checkout either . But the usual cash registers are far from every entrance.

Tickets are installed at the entrance to the subway and on top designated ticket with logo. Menu of the machine on 5 languages, including in English . For travel you need to purchase Ticket T+ (One trip for travel in any way of transport in Paris).

For this, a ticket can be ride in the subway (with any number of transplants), RER (with the possibility of transplanting with RER on the subway), on the funicular, as well as on the bus and tram (with an unlimited number of transfers For 90 min , But only terrestrial transport). Also through the machine can Buy a ticket to the airport . To pay the automata take Coins or map , Rarely – Paper Money.

The most profitable at the price of purchasing tickets not to 1 trip, but for 10 trips (CarNet). I advise you not to throw out tickets to the end of the trip. When moving from the metro station to RER and when you leave, they can be useful for you.

Paris subway lines look somewhat confusing than in Moscow. But the main principle is the same – Each line has its own number , Color and title.

The main landmark at the stations of transfers – pointers with circles of the desired color and numbers. Train arrival time is displayed on the scoreboard. Exit from the subway is indicated by the inscription "Sortie" .

ATTENTION: Doors in the metro car do not open with a machine gun as in Moscow. Here you need to pull the handle (exceptions &# 8212; Lines 14 and 1).

Opening hours of the Paris Subway: 6:00 – 00:30 (on weekends and holidays metro runs for an hour longer).

Official site Metro Paris: RATP.Fr

Paris Metro Scheme

View and download the scheme in PDF you can here.

Information on cost and types of tickets: RATP.Fr

This abbreviation in Paris is denoted Network of high-speed suburban electrics . ("Regional Express Metro"). RUR Lines depicted on a general scheme with subway lines (they can be found on the RER icon). This is 5 lines &# 8212; A, B, C, D, E. Each has its own color and indicated by the letter. RER routes pass both through the city itself and beyond.

Opening hours RER: 6:00 – 00:30 (Unlike the subway, RER does not prolong the work on weekends).

Metro and Rer Zones

2 zone &# 8212; Stade De France and Viennese Forest

3 Zone – Orly Airport

4 zone – Versailles

5 Zone – Disneyland and Charles de Gaulle Airport

Types of tickets

  • Single Use Tickets (1 trip within the city) – 1.90 €
  • Carnet (10 trips within the city) &# 8212; 14.50 €
  • Mobilis (travel on 1 day) &# 8212; 7.30 € (town), 20 € (city + all suburbs, incl. Versailles and Fontainebleau)

Paris Visite (Tourist ticket for a period of 1 to 5 days) – from 11.65 to 63.90 € (in factory from the number of days and coverage of zones). Gives the right to receive discounts in some museums and by bus L’Open Tour.

For children up to 4 years, fare is free. From 4 to 10 years – a special rate, a number of ½ cost from an adult ticket.


The peer of the Paris Metro and the most Exotic Type of Urban Transport in the town. In Paris there is one funicular, he is On Montmartre . The route is short, but very picturesque. If you are too lazy to climb the steep steps of Montmartre, take advantage of the funicular, which will raise you upstairs for 1 min.

Cable car operating hours: 6:45 – 00:45 .

Buses and trams

Enter the bus is carried out Through the front door on tickets t and t+. Ticket Ticket You can buy directly from the driver (in contrast to Ticket T + it does not give the right transplant to another land transport). At bus stops hang schemes with bus routes. Also at stops there is a scoreboard with a schedule and a bus arrival time.

In the city Buses with two-digit numbers (buses with three-digit numbers go to suburbs). In Paris, there are also night bus routes &# 8212; Noctilien . They work S 00:30 to 5:30 in the morning.

Trams – The oldest type of transport in Paris. Tram network consists of 4 lines, three of which connect Paris suburbs . Parisian trams look very modern, and moving almost silently. For the passage there is a single ticket, the same as in the subway and bus.

Public transport in Paris

Bike rental

This is very popular in many cities of Europe. The type of urban transport can not be bypass and in Paris. Principle Its functioning as simple as possible – we take a bike in any of the rental points, also return to any item convenient for us.

Here you can see the scheme where the points of public cycling in Paris are located, and also find out the prices: Velib.Paris .

The first 30 min. Bicycle rental is free, then various options are possible depending on the rental duration. Rental VELIB works around the clock.


Vote and catch cars on the go in Paris not accepted. Taxi can be taken on official parkings indicated by the sign With the inscription "Taxis" . These places can be seen immediately by clustering machines with characteristic icons "Taxi Parisien" with colored light bulbs from above.

You need to sit in the very first car. Keep in mind, in France, it is not accepted in a taxi on the front seat next to the driver.

Fare &# 8212; According to the meter (which is very unprofitable if the route runs through traffic jams).

Popular Taxi Owning Services:


  • Taxi with our-speaking drivers: www.Paris-Cab.COM / RU / ,
  • The Uber service offers the most profitable options: WWW.Uber-Tarifi-Paris-Fr.Ubertarif.Ru .

Recently, a new type of transport is actively developing – Taximoto (Moto Taxi) . It is especially convenient in places where it is necessary Circle plugs , But not everyone can take advantage of this slightly extreme means.

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