Pskov (Pskov)

Pskov region borders with three countries: Belarus, Latvia and Estonia. So many neighbors, foreigners can not boast of any one subject Russia. The European influence is felt in the Pskov region is strong enough.

Many area residents regularly travel to the Baltic States and Belarus on vacation or shopping, and buildings in some areas resembles the European.

today’s Pskov – one of the oldest cities in the country, attracting tourists with unique monuments of architecture and art of 11-17 centuries, in particular for its beautiful whitewashed churches with typical belfries and porches, created a special architectural style Pskov.

History of Pskov

The first mention in the annals of Pskov refers to 903. This year is considered to be the starting point of the history of Pskov. There is a beautiful legend telling about the appearance of Pskov.

The founder of the city is the princess Olga. Once, when she stood on the banks of the river Great, a vision was reduced to her: three rays went down from the sky and agreed on another shore. Olga considered it a sign, and in its classroom, a Trinity Cathedral was erected. Around the cathedral and grew by the city.

For a long time Pskov was a very big city. In the XV century, the larger Pskov was only Moscow. Pskov guides love to quote secretary Stephen Batory. When the troops of this Polish king were deposited by Pskov, words were recorded «We admire Pskov!

God, what a beautiful city, exactly Paris! Help us, Lord, cope with him!». With the appearance and flourishing of St. Petersburg Pskov passed its position and turned into a real provincial town.

In general, the history of Pskov is incredibly rich in events and facts. Rewrite it briefly meaningless. Better come to Pskov and meet the history of this old our city directly.

Climate in Pskov

Pskov is quite high humidity. In the city is often overcast. Summer is usually non-suckful, but even the temperature above 25 degrees due to high humidity seems unbearable. The hottest time falls in July and the beginning of August.

From the second half of August, as a rule, rainy autumn occurs. The first snow falls in November-December, but the year for a year does not have. There are both very snowy years, and almost no misunderstanding winters. If winter is frosty, then Pskov rivers – Great and Pskov – frozen and you can walk.

The coldest month – February. Spring is coming, in fact, in April.

Pskov especially beautiful in May and June. At this time, all abundant greens begins to bloom, numerous lilac and jasmine bushes flourish. The city literally slows down in greenery, and during walks along the streets there is a fragrance of flourishing colors.

Population Pskov

Pskovichi sometimes call themselves «Squares». There are two versions of the origin of this «name». The first version is associated with Peter I. Pskov blacksmiths always famous for their quality. In the time of Peter I, it was in Pskov that there were brackets for the construction of ships.

Once the king himself could not break the solid Pskov bracket, because of which the Pskov residents called «Squares». On another version of the word «scraper» It happened because of a kind of Pskov’s dialect and is only the result of the pattering of the word «Pskov».

Now Pskov’s population is about 207 thousand people. The area of ​​the city is nearly 100 square meters. KM. Mostly in the city of our population, there is a small percentage of Ukrainians, Belarusians and other nationalities. The most common religion – Orthodoxy. However, in Pskov there is a Catholic church and a Protestant church.

Where to go to Pskov

The number of attractions in Pskov is just a huge. It can be said that the city itself is a landmark.

If you love history and are interested in our architecture, be sure to use the guide services and see the stunning Pskov churches and monasteries. No less (and perhaps even more!) pleasure you get just from walking around the city.

Choose for a trip to Pskov, the end of spring or summer and walk through the beautiful streets of the city for pleasure!

Be sure to look at the same beautiful churches, including the Church of Nicola Claimed from the bargaining (in the photo above) and the Trinity Cathedral (his dome is visible behind the wall in the photo below).

Come on the embankments, take a walk inside the fortress walls in the territory of the Pskov Kremlin – The main attraction of the city, and also go to museums – Topberry chambers, ordinary chambers, house crafts and folk art center.

Pskov (Pskov)

The cultural life of Pskov is very rich. Not so long ago, after major repairs, the Pskov Academic Drama Theater opened. A. WITH. Pushkin. If it is possible, be sure to visit the concert of the Pskov Symphony Orchestra. In addition, concerts are regularly held in the city, both both classical and popular music.

For lovers of cinema in Pskov there are two cinema that show the main filmmakers. Nightlife beats the key in several clubs.

In the central part of the city, where the most interesting things are stronger, many pleasant cafes and restaurants. Most of them are small, cozy, affordable at prices and in general with good kitchen.

In the warm season, many restaurants open the terraces in the air. On such terraces it is especially nice to sit after a cup of coffee or a cocktail, watching the city’s leisurely.

In general, Pskov leaves a pleasant impression. Of course, as in all small our cities, there are also cons. But they depart into the background compared with the rich history and the general charm of Pskov.

How to get to Pskov

Pskov is located in the north-west of Russia, just 278 km from St. Petersburg. To the Latvian capital a little more – 283 km. Distance Pskov – Moscow is 730 km. Pskov’s transport connection and area has a fairly established.

Trains in different directions go from the railway station. Station building «Passenger Pskov» Beautiful and well maintained. Pskov Station is a historic place.

In March 1917, the royal train was detained at the Pskov station, and then the last our emperor Nicholas II signed a manifesto about renunciation from the throne. In memory of this event in July 2003, a chapel was discovered on the station Square in the name of the Resurrection of Christ («Tsarskaya»).

Just five minutes walk from the train station is the bus station. In the interior, it is clearly inferior to the first. Buses, like trains, follow all the main directions. Many buses goes to the area, to district centers.

Direction to St. Petersburg is the most popular among Pskovichi. Travel to Peter, Pskov residents prefer on minibuses. Small comfortable buses depart from almost every hour from different seats. Time on the way is about 4-5 hours.

Moscow can be reached by all the above methods, as well as on the plane. Small airplane An-24 companies «Pskovavia» Flying to Moscow (Domodedovo) and back on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The flight time is 2.5 hours. In 2015, it is planned to launch flights to Sochi, Anapa and Simferopol.

Pskov (Pskov)

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