Pskov Kremlin on film

In 2013, on the way to the historic festival in Estonia, we drove through Pskov and Pechors.
Naturally, we could not drive past the Pskov Kremlin. Unfortunately, I did not have a camera at hand, the phone at that time was old, and not a fan of photos of this kind. Here, my good friend and his old came to the rescue "Change", which we use on reconstructions. Having charged the film and emotions. Small steps in the art of film photography were made.
Honestly, I expected a much worse, but considering the fact that the film and her element of surprises, when waiting for the results after the days, is essentially a cat in a bag, but in this case everything turned out quite well, apparently positive emotions helped.

At that moment, the Kremlin embankment was repaired, because all walks are citizens and tourists committed on the opposite shore. Managed to shoot a family for feeding ducks.

Pskov Kremlin I tried to visit a long time ago and it would be very sad if it didn’t turn out to be old on my hand, but the reliable thing that presented and not such bright and saturated frames both on powerful and advanced devices, but extremely pleasant heart.

The most recognizable perspective of the Pskov Kremlin, which can be found on the expanses not only the network, but also cognitive magazines.

Pskov Kremlin on film

View of the Kuccoma Tower.

I did not spend the whole film, but decided to check myself – when you use a digital, mesmering camera you can check your footage at any time and if something is wrong, then immediately fix the mistakes, in this case, hope is only on yourself. Then a sense of expectation when you look at the photos taken by you after a while after the manifestics – it’s like a miracle waiting. It seems to me that it turned out such a wonderful frame that presented the most positive emotions.

Still, it is necessary to come back to the origins, or just resting soul in a similar way when the photo is perceived as the waiting for something magical, as the last smear of the artist before the picture is completed – then the realization is that the hand is sent by emotions from the heart and does not matter how much You made a personnel – one on an old filmmaker or several dozen on the digital apparatus.

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