Prsellery scale in centimeters

Touch the knee of a woman … What the hero of the film "Knee Claire" dreamed of the hero (1970, the director – Eric Romer) was in the mid-20s of the twentieth century, in the middle of the 20s of the twentieth century, the duty of the knees did not Semi-ray ladies, collecting beach sand onto its full civilian vesting (black pants, white shirt, styled shoes).

And otherwise it is impossible – he "when execution". This work he has such – to slide a centimeter from female knees and above, before the place where swimsuit ends. And the grief of those ladies who have this distance will exceed the laid centimeters: they are waiting for a fine and expulsion from the beach.

Judging by the photo, beautiful ladies are not at all against. They even lined up to the queue, kindly putting the knees, and the boys in the "family cowards", the length of which corresponds to even more hard criterion, – with interest they are watching this almost erotic scene.

The reason for the "Beach nuts spin" gave a popular at the time French singer Susi Solidor. In the midst of the Bathing Season of 1925, she appeared on the beach of the Azure coast "Absolutely naked". It is so described by her phenomenon to the people of moralism, perturbed by the fact that it exposed most of the hands and legs and neglected such important attributes of the pre-war swimsuit as a skirt and stockings.

But Susi’s face – it was only flowers. These problems began the next day when the "immoral example" picked up and multiplied by the fashionista of the whole of France, and then Europe.

What remained to do the defenders of moral lows, if, after the First World War, women "lost all shame": first cut their hair and skirts, and then began to "nude on the beaches" – and understand where they stop, impossible?

In full accordance with the rationalism of the post-war time, the morality rate began to determine in centimeters: the knees are closed – we will not even measure, 15 cm and less – everything is in order, more than 15 cm – pay fine and get away from the beach.

Prsellery scale in centimeters

At the same time, the focus was focused on the length of female swimsuits. The upper part of this value was not given, although the transition from closed blouses with sleeves, sometimes short, to open T-shirts, in which the ladies are closed in our photo – this is also a kind of revolution. But it does not care. Perhaps the reason for such an indifference is that the naked hands and deep decollete are used to the XVIII and XIX centuries.

Fashion for swimsuits always followed fashion for everyday and festive clothes. For 200 years, she has done a big way – from spacious and long, to heaters, bathrobes of the XVIII century to bikini and nudist beaches of the century XX.

But until the mid-20s of the last century, the concept of decent has been formed and controlled by informal, but authoritative legislators of modes and public opinion, and not specially hired employees measuring "female virtue" in centimeters.

However, this custom existed for long. In the late 20s, the economic crisis broke out, the great depression began – and it became not before.

Prsellery scale in centimeters

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