Province of Chunchon-Namdo (ChungCheongNam-Do)

The ancient powerful state of Packs, which existed from 18 years to N. NS. up to 660. NS., made a huge contribution to the development of traditional Korean culture. It is in Chunchon-Major that the archaeological heritage of that era is best preserved.

Chunchon-Namudo — Province of the Republic of Korea, located in the west of the country. Administrative center — County Honscon, the largest city — Chonan. The province area is 8,204 km², Population — 2.1 million. human.

In North Chunchon-Mousto borders with the province of Kongido, in the East — With Chunchon-Pukto and the city of direct subordination of Thajon, in the south — From Chella-Pukto, and in the West is washed with a yellow sea.

The western part of Chunchon-Naudo is characterized by severe relief, so almost completely occupied by agricultural land and enterprises of extractive and manufacturing industries. The eastern part of the province has a hilly relief characteristic of the entire Peninsula.

The highest point of the province of Chunchon-Namdo — Peak Chonvanbon (845 m), lower point — Sea level (0 m).

Missual climate dominates over the province. For Chunchon-Naudo is characterized by pronounced seasonality. Spring is warm enough here, but windy, summer — Roast and rainy, autumn — Cool. In winter, snow falls in the mountainous terrain and lies until spring, and on the coast, warm enough.

Climatic conditions on the territory of Chunchon-Najo are heterogeneous due to the features of the relief. In the coastal area of ​​the province, daily temperature differences are much less sharp than in the mountain.

Most comfortable seasons for a trip to Chunchon-Namdo — Spring and autumn, in the summer almost every day there are severe rains, and in winter the weather does not have to many hours.

Attractions Chunchohon-Naudo are not too popular with foreign tourists and are not mentioned in guidebooks. In the province there are a few objects of the cultural heritage of the time of State Packs — Basically, these are renovated Buddhist temples and ruins of fortress structures. Temptured travelers go to Chunchon-Namudo to get acquainted with the history of one of the three earlyfodal Korean states, as well as see authentic rural landscapes and the picturesque coast of the Yellow Sea.

Theanhan — Sea National Park, located in the district of the same name. The total area of ​​the park is 840 km², Of which 749 km² occupies the maritime area. On the territory of Theanhan there are 130 large and small islands and more than 30 beaches. A lot of pedestrian trails passing along rice fields and a rugged coastline are laid in the park. Wide beaches of the National Park are very loved by tourists with young children: the features of the Yellow Sea — small depth and gentle. Also Thehahaan is popular with professional photographers.

Kwances — Buddhist temple in the city of Nonsan, built in the X century. Here is the biggest statue of the Buddha in Korea, the construction of which began in 967 and lasted 38 years. The height of the statue is 18 meters, and the body’s circumference — 9.9 meters. The statue is a stone lamp in the form of a lotus, which is also more than 1000 years. The Kwances Temple is located in a very beautiful place: Sakura flowers here, and in the fall of the crowns of trees painted in different shades of red and orange. Koreans come here to pray for family well-being and happiness.

Kerongsan — Mountain array, located simultaneously in the cities of Congue, Keren, Nonsan and Thajon. It is considered one of the main sacred places in South Korea. Part of the mountain range is included in the South Korean military reserve, and the rest of the territory is a national park. On the slopes of the mountains are the ancient Buddhist temples through which Highing routes pass. During a walk through the mountain paths, you can find horses, chipmunks and deer. National Park is known and thanks to incredibly beautiful nature and exciting species discovering with numerous viewing sites.

Baekje Cultural Land — The historic theme park in the district of Puoy, dedicated to the period of the Kingdom of Packche. Park opened in 2010. Here collected accurate copies of the most significant monuments of architecture of that period, and a group of residential buildings, characteristic of the then natch and middle and low classes, form a whole village. An international festival is held in the park every year “The Grand State Packche”, Which is considered the best historical festival of South Korea. Also in Baekje Cultural Land came the episodes of some dorams.

Consonx — Mountain fortress Pekcche period (234 — 678.), located in Kondju. The fortress served as a defensive structure, defended the capital of the ancient Korean state, and preserved to the present day in its original form. On the territory of Consanson found many objects and artifacts of Packs, United Kingdom of Silla and Choson Dynasty. Now the fortress wall serves as a walking area of ​​2.6 km long, which offers stunning views of the city of Kongja, the Kymgan River, the gravestone Kurgan and the Archaeological Complex Songanmayl.

In the province of Chunchhon-Namdo no airport — The nearest is located in Chhongju in Chunchon-Pukto. There are no direct flights from Russia to Chhongu, so you must first get to Seoul (Incheon Airport) by regular direct flight a / k “Aeroflot”, “Korean Air”, “S7”, “Aurora” or flights of foreign companies with docks.

From Seoul or Incheon Airport to Chunchon-Najdo, it is convenient to get on a rented car.

You can also get near public transport:

Province of Chunchon-Namdo (ChungCheongNam-Do)

By bus to Thaan directly from the Terminal of Incheon International Airport;

at the near train or high-speed ITX from the main railway station Seoul to Chonana (Cheonan Station);

By bus from Seoul (Bus station Dong Seoul) to Chonana;

by bus from Seoul (SEOUL Central City) to Honson;

By train from Seoul station to Chonan Asan, then — to any city province by bus or train.

The optimal route from any city of South Korea to the province of Chunchhon-Namdo can be made using the site and Rome2RIO applications .

To save time and see as many interesting places as possible in the province of Chunchon-Nu, it is better to rent a car — Intercity transport here is not so good here, and to expect a bus can be spent several hours.

Walking on National Parks Chunchon-Namdo, it is advisable to use offline navigator (the best option for those who do not own Korean — Maps.Me). Therefore, you always need to take PowerBank, and the usual charger — Smartphone can be recharged in the infocenter or cafe.

Visit Chunchon-Naudo suggests many hours of walking or even intensive hayking, which means that clothes and shoes should be as comfortable as possible. It is desirable to explore national parks in sports sneakers or trekking shoes with thick but flexible soles — In the sneakers or sandals legs quickly get tired.

Province of Chunchon-Namdo (ChungCheongNam-Do)

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