Providing comfort in the automotive journey in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, like other Balkan countries, is rich in attractions that attract tourists. Often traveling by car takes not one day And in the way it is required to organize not only night rest, but also food and compliance with personal hygiene. This is especially true during a pandemic period.

Which offers tourist infrastructure

In principle, almost in every Bulgarian village, especially on the way to interesting locations, There are guest houses Or even small hotels where you can spend inexpensive and eat and eat in a local restaurant (mechanics). For example, it looks like prices for simple, without delights, dishes (1 lion – about 50 eurocents):

  • Cup of coffee – up to 1 leva;
  • Chicken soup (soup Piece) – up to 2 lion;
  • Salad with cheese (shopsuit salad) &# 8211; about 3 lion;
  • Breakfast for two – 15 – 20 lion;
  • Dinner for two (traditional dishes, including a little wine and raki) – up to 40 lion.

The quality of food and the conscientiousness of the staff is usually good.

Beyond big roads

Providing comfort in the automotive journey in Bulgaria

But very often, especially when traveling with departure for hiking trails of great length (what relevant for elderly people – We want to visit the mysterious corners of the country, and the forces for climbing the mountains are not enough), away from the Bulgarians of the modest benefits of civilization, even rural mechanics not to find. Yes, and sat down, if there is, Often Maludia, Where do the old men live and enjoy the loneliness of foreign ministers.

In this case, the car is useful to have, for example, a hiking gas tile and a pair of half-liter gas springs. A cup of coffee You can organize instantly, In the morning you cook the scrambled eggs with delicious Bulgarian bacon and croutons, and even lunch with an instant rural soup or to fry Nonenovitsa – Ostive local sausage.

Water specially Do not buy: The Bulgarian Earth is literally singing with sources (extremes), and in the smallest village, as a rule, in the center, near the locked church, is Cesma – the Spring Spring with Cold Key Water.

Alternating in the car, in the morning you can wash and even take a shower, if you do not forget to take with you the simplest shower kit. Price Hiking soul For camping begins with 36 lion (about 18 euros).
To store a small stock of products and drinks on the road Very convenient to use a 12-volt auto thump unit using the Peltier effect. Such refrigerators, as a rule, have a volume of up to 50 l, which is quite enough for nutrition small crew in the automotive journey. The price of the refrigerator, which, by the way, has the heating mode, starts from 100 lion.

By the way, some auto-travelers advise to buy on the road Products in baby food departments: Say, in this case there is less chance to poison poor quality or overdue. In Bulgaria in any supermarket, as in other EU countries, such cases are extremely rare and, buying on the road, you can not fear.

On the "big" road

Leaving the long-distance highway, it is not necessary to stop the cup of coffee or, especially, for lunch in road "pockets", which, by the way, even equipped Secondary roads in Bulgaria, In contrast, for example, from Romania. Such places for recreation drivers should be used to use this: as a rule, there are a lot of garbage and dirty, even if in such a "pocket" there is a CHEMA with pure key water.

But it is worth paying attention to roadside restaurants with traditional cuisine. Such restaurants, except sat down, can be right on the highway. In this case, experienced travelers advise to pay attention to those of them, Near which truckers are facing: Drivers know the best "institutions" (so here they call restaurants and cafes) for the price and quality of dishes.

What to take on the road

Based on all the above, for a comfortable automobile trip to Bulgaria, if the participants decided to secure maximum autonomy and visit the distant corners of the country, It is worth taking with you the following "public" equipment For camping:

  • Automattras with a 12-volt compressor, pads and bedroom bags;
  • Gas tiles and 1-2 half-liter cylinders with gas, as well as a set of dishes for cooking;
  • One-time dishes and separate cups for coffee;
  • Auto-retardant with stock of products and beverages on 1 day;
  • Camping shower and 5-liter water tanks.

Well equipped in this way the company, of course, pick up your trash And, perhaps, give this a kind example of the rest of travelers.

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