Providenciales (Providenciales)

Providenciales (Providenciales) or Provo (provo) – Large island in the Caribbean Sea, located in the west of the Kaikos Archipelago, which is part of the island state of Turks and Caicos. Area – 98 km², Population – about 32,100 people (2012).

The main part of the island landscape is the hills covered with cacti and low shrubs, as well as picturesque snow-white beaches, who are considered one of the best on the Caribbean.

Providenciales is the main tourist center of Turks and Kaikos. The infrastructure is well developed here – tourists are numerous hotels, condominiums, shopping centers, casinos, golf courses and international airport.

The eastern part of the island is mainly inhabited – most of the resorts focuses on its northern coast, in the region of 10 kilometer beach in Grace Bay (Grace Bay).

In the western part of the island there is a maritime national park, which includes several salted lakes and nearby reefs. The park serves as a house for a variety of waterfowl.

Providenciales is of interest to lover of underwater swimming. Coastal waters crystal clear, and nearly there are several large coral reefs with an amazingly rich underwater world.

Providenciales (Providenciales)

From December to April in coastal waters you can meet humpback whales.

Providence is the only world around The Farm Conch’s Growing Farm, Workers who are trying to restore the population of giant royal seashells.

Providenciales International Airport – Providenciales International Airport, located in the eastern part of the island.

Air Turks and Caicos – Grand Turk, South Kaikos, Kingston (Jamaica), Nassau (Bahamas), Puerto Plata, Santiago de Los Trejnta Caballero (Dominican Republic)

Providenciales (Providenciales)

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