Proud Catalonia and Size Galicia

The journey began in Madrid (a cheap flight with Czech Airlines, a convenient point for further movement in the country). There, on the empty chamartine, next to which a huge queue of bored taxi drivers cut into cards right on the hoods of their white cars, I was waiting for the night train Estrella to Barcelona.

Literally in the first hours in my beloved city in the world (of course, I did not suspect about it) I happened to experience the responsiveness of the local population. In search of a hostel, I wandered into some kind of concert house, where the children’s orchestra rehearsed. To my question about where the address I am located, one of the parents suggested waiting for the end of the rehearsal and just taking me there, referring to the fact that there is terribly inconvenient to walk with a suitcase.

Waiting for the end of the orchestra

By the way, this is one of the Spaniard Points surprising me: if the place to go about 15 minutes, they will definitely fuck that it is very long and advise to go to Barrio Bus or take a taxi.

What else Barcelona falls in love?

Undoubtedly, this is the appearance of the city.
You can admire with countless viewing sites, and, in my opinion, this is the coolest leisure – look at Barcelona. In my first visit, I only visited the most tourist visits and I will say that I liked the view from the fortress of Montuuika most – you can find how the sun hides for Tibidabo.

Also from there, late for the last electronics (cable car), you can go down to the magic fountain and, finally, understand you in Barcelona!

The place is really magical. Incredible, but the fact, there you do not notice the crowd of tourists. They somehow quite harmoniously fit into this atmosphere.

Well, of course, where are the Creation of Gaudi at every step?!
I will not praise incredible and inside, and outside Sagrada last name, and once again I will advise you to buy tickets online (for the evening), after the excursion to taste the sea reptiles in La Paradeta, and when the smumes go to the Christmas facade, sit on asphalt and think, Watching a highlighted masterpiece.

(Photo by Alexander Krasnolutsky)

Designed to them at home can be on the map not to mark, but on the walk to play the game "Who will find the house of Gaudi".

So, the next item is the sea. The sea in the city is amazing. But again, for the first time I had only 8 days, to learn Bars better, so on the sunny beach I only visited once, but I came to the night. And again an amazing case: the beer merchant did not have delivery from 50 euros, but he took a piece of paper and went out to exchange. OUR, in the whole seeking catch, it seemed to consciousness that with the ends, but no, after 15 minutes, when we already said goodbye to money, he returned. Probably, this item is more about honesty. But a little about the sea:

The simplicity and openness of the Barca is also impossible not to love. For example, in one of the lazy days, when I did not know what to do and ride on the subway (very convenient, but about convenience there will be a separate paragraph), a professor of mathematics spoke to me, who went to university affairs and convinced me that it is necessary to visit it. And anyone can go there, there is no bandwidth, and moreover, I also visited the library and felt all sorts of interesting mathematical books. Knowledgeable people say that in a poor time you can dine in a student council (they seem to be somewhat, at every faculty your own), and the wine is served to dinner.

I read somewhere that Barcelona is the most friendly to people with disabilities in Europe, and the best confirmation of this – such people can be found everywhere, on the beach, in bars, and t.D. They are absolutely integrated into the life of the city.
Comfortable city and cyclists, paradise for longboards, skaters and other rides. In Gracia (area where full of interesting shops, there is a second-hand letter of English books, John Lennon Square and many other interesting places) for such purposes there are comfortable flat streets without borders.
Metro, as it seemed to me, at every step. And at what station to go out to get to the hostel, I chose on the principle "And what I want now: go uphill or let down from her?", T.To. Both stations were at an equal range of home – 3 minutes walk. Another bun is in most cases when to go to the mountain completely non-nightness, there are escalators. In general, paradise and for lazy, and for athletes.

Proud Catalonia and Size Galicia

There are many more reasons, but enough this time about the many-sided. I drove water from the fountain to Ramblas, which means that I will come back here again and I’ll tell you everything, let’s go further. And then with tears in the eyes, with thoughts that I will not see anything better, I slept on the third shelf in the train to Madrid. There I am nothing again, except for the station and creepy cold at 6 am, did not see and went to Galia, to love with anyone not the favorite city of Vigo. Expensive pretty picturesque places. It is a pity that I could not capture, but at one point we drove a bridge, which, with the right view, goes straight into the sky.

So, Vigo is an industrial port town with a population of about 400 thousand. On the Internet, I found, perhaps, only a couple of enthusiastic reviews about him, and all the travelers encountered me called me crazy that I went there for 5 days. You know, the usual city on the ocean. That I was moving, I do not know, but the premonitions were good.

Acquaintance began with the fact that I could not find a hostel again, the card printed by me did not coincide with the reality, there were no names with names on the streets, and the locals did not speak English and assured me that you need to take a taxi. When I have already examined the whole city, some kind of good souls took me to my office, gave a map, drew the route and cheered up the way that the path lies with the mountain. After Barcelona, ​​where no one pays attention to you, I felt in a provincial town not very comfortable, almost like at home.
In the hostel, I was told that only one our stayed to me, and loved like a native. Having learned that I’m going to visit the island of Sies and pre-tickets did not buy, upset with me that I would not get there. However, the fabulously good owner of the hostel entertained me a ticket to this fabulous place.

The island can be reached by boats of one of two companies whose offices are located on the seaside station. In season, tickets are better to buy in advance on the Internet. The place will enjoy the fans of lighthouses, there are already three of them there, lovers of long hiking, privacy, white beaches and clean cold water of the Atlantic.

Return to the mainland. Vigo has a fairly interesting story, and there is something to see, I’m talking for lovers of museums. I did not resist and lying on the coast of the beautiful Atlantic.

During my visit, the city was full of youth, even teenagers, turned out to be some kind of informal festival. So I check out the tricks on bikes and skates, as well as all sorts of street musicians, and even choir performance of MAN In The Mirror.

Vigo is in the soul of connoisseurs of the ocean, slow, measured rest. And is an excellent starting point for traveling to Portugal (I managed to spend the day in Porto, the city of Wind and dried linen). Let you be lucky with the weather and will be fun.

My journey did not end. I spent another hot evening in Madrid, visited the main square and looked for the fence of the Royal Palace. The sky was wonderful, but I spent there too little time to draw conclusions.

Proud Catalonia and Size Galicia

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