Protect your right to rest in Strasbourg

Walking through toy cities – this entertainment itself is self-sufficient. Wander around the streets of Strasbourg – the bad decision?

Four features of the city that you will definitely like.

1) Wonderful architecture. Houses in the city center resemble Amsterdam – the same tiny, narrow, bright.

A small difference – Strasbourns for residential spaces fit even the roofs, because at the very top of the buildings there are many stained windows. Personally, I like the rooms on the roofs.

2) Lack of traffic jams. In Strasbourg, as in many Dutch cities, the streets are cut by numerous channels for which river trams run. Agree, it is in the stock edge better than the subway.

Ordinary trams there also did not pumped up: to ride such a transport – solid pleasure.

Why do you need your own car if there are such wonderful trams?

Protect your right to rest in Strasbourg

3) Lack of tourists. In Strasbourg, there are no protusive traveler paths, although it is the capital of the European Union. Therefore, if you are annoyed by the omnipresent Japanese, who on the move are made by 200 frames per minute and celebrating the crowds led by guides, then you move in the right direction.

4) Mix of all interesting differences. Strasbourg – the city is ambiguous and inhomogeneous, in it stood on everything to a bunch, but it does not spoil him.

As you know from the course of history, Strasbourg was previously located in Germany, which to some extent influenced its appearance.

And do not forget that many European cities are divided into two parts – a historic center and a new part with modern architecture. Strasbourg is not an exception, and old and modern buildings are literally side by side, but it absolutely does not spoil the appearance of the city.

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