Protaras Resort in Cyprus

The resort of Protaras on the east coast of Cyprus is much calmer than its neighbor Ayia Napa. Here come for magnificent sandy beaches and azure sea. If you do not plan a large-scale entertainment program, then local interesting places are enough for a week of vacation. In this article, let’s talk about Protaras – beaches, hotels, attractions.

Where is

Protaras is located on the eastern shore of Cyprus, this is the easiest resort of the island. From Larnaca and her airport – 55 kilometers, from Ayia Napa – 10 kilometers.

Cyprus card with all airports and resorts, see our article "Cyprus map with resorts".

Protaras is located in Famagusta. After the division of Cyprus in 1974, the Famagust district was almost completely in the Turkish side, and the Greeks remained only a small piece with dimensions of 20 by 10 kilometers. That’s a piece of Protaras, Iiya Napa is on it.

How to get

If you drive to Cyprus on a batch tour, then the tourist bus will take. From Larnaca Airport to go about 1 hour. From Paphos Airport for more than 3 hours. We highly recommend checking the arrival airport when buying a tour to fly in Larnaca, and not in Paphos.

Alone from Larnaca Airport can be reached by taxi or book a shuttle service, it will cost 45-50 euros.

Cheaper can be reached by bus. Direct buses from Larnaca Airport to Protaras No, have to go with a transfer. Need from the airport to get to the city center of Larnaca by bus 407, 409, 418, 419, 431 or 440, get to stop "FINICADES PROMENAID".

Next, sit on a bus 711 or intercity "Intercity Larnaca – Famagusta". 711th more convenient, as he drives along the line of hotels, you can walk to the hotel on foot from stop, but it goes very long. Intergorodskaya arrives quickly, but before the Saint George Paralimni stop, and from there still have to go by taxi to the hotel. In any case, the road from the airport will take about 3 hours, read prices in our overview "Buses in Cyprus".

From Paphos airport to get independently or very expensive, or for a very long time. Taxi or transfer will cost 180-200 euros! On the bus you need to get from Paphos to Larnaca, then from Larnaca to Protaras, will take about 5 hours!

Our advice! If we decided on your own (without a tour) to relax in Protaras, then take the air tickets only to Larnaca Airport, in no way to Paphos.

Geography of Protaras Resort – Not everything is so simple

Different tourist sites and guidebooks are called Protaras: villages, a village, a city, but all these options are not quite faithful. Protaras is a suburb of Paralymni. Paralyimni city center (population of about 15,000 people) is 4 kilometers from the coast. Three suburbs are located on the coast – it is Protaras, Perry and Capparis. Look below the area map, click on the map to enlarge.

Theoretically, these are three separate resorts. In practice, tours search systems do not know the difference between them, calling all these coastal areas with the name "Protaras". Hotels search systems work similarly. Guidebooks and tourist sites The difference between these three districts do not see.

But there really’s no difference. None of the parts stands out as "fashionable" or "budget" district. There is no area of ​​concentration of attractions, where it would be convenient to settle in the hotel. Speaking with simple words, the districts of Protaras, Perry and Capparis "on one person".

Although there are several cases when the difference is felt. If you target Cyprus to travel to other cities in Cyprus, it is convenient to book the hotel in the suburbs of Capparis. From here the closer to St. George’s Saint George Paralimni Square, from where long-distance buses leave.

The second case, if you like hiking or cycling in the mountains and want to wander around the national park Kavo Greco several times. In this case, it is better to book a hotel in the suburbs of Protaras, as close as possible to Connos Beach (than south, the better).

Facts, numbers and history

Historians suggest that on the site of the modern protaras in the ancient times was the port city of Lecolla. But these are only assumptions based on indirect evidence.

Greek geographer Stubon writes about the city of Lebok, pointing to the location between the city of Arsinoe and Cape Pedalion (now Cape is called "Kavo Greco"). However, this proof is very shaky, since the location of the city of Arsinoe is also not established by historians.

Near the city of Lecolla, a marine battle between Ptolemy Fleets and Demetrius took place. These were the "Wars of Diarathes", when, after the death of Alexander the Great, his associates shared the empire. It is known that the fleet of Demetrius stopped in Lecolly and dedicated one of the triire God Apollon. In 1877, the ruins of the sanctuary with inscriptions dedicated to Apollon were found near the Beach Connos. On this proof ends, no significant ancient ruins in Protaras.

The fate of the city of Lecolla is unknown to us. We know that by the 7th century in the area of ​​modern protaras, there were no major settlements, only the village of peasants and fishermen. In the 7th century, the raids of Arabs on the island of Cyprus began, and the population had to go off the coast and concentrate to protect against the taxes. This was founded by the city of paralyimni 4 kilometers from the coast.

Until 1974, paralymni was even difficult to call the city, and in Protaras there were only rare houses of peasants and windmills. By the way, the mills are now found, tribute to tradition, and coloring the resort adds.

After the separation of Cyprus in 1974 (about this moment we wrote in the article "History of Cyprus") a stream of refugees of the Greeks-Cypriots from Northern Cyprus hurried, the population of paralymen has increased dramatically.

Former until 1974 by the main resort of Cyprus, the city of Famagusta was on the Turkish part of the island. Tourist industries in Famagusta, de facto, ceased to exist. Greeks on their remaining small piece of Eastern coast began to develop new resorts.

Pioneer was Ayia Napa, a little later began to build hotels in Protaras near the Bay of Figovnitsa (it is also called a fig tree Bay, Fig Tree Bay). Protaras was the first resort area near Paralimni, which is why all the resort zones near Paralymni are now called "Protaras".

Another work boom occurred in 2004-2005, after the accession of Cyprus to the European Union. Real estate prices jumped, active construction began.

About 15,000 people now live in paralym. In the suburb of Protaras no more than 1000 people. Most of the population make up foreigners for permanent residence that bought real estate here. Situation similar as in Ayia Napa.

Description and specialization of the resort

Protaras resort is conditionally divided into several sub-resorts. We list from the south to the north: Connos Bay, Green Bay, Protaras-Center (Smoking Bay), Perner, Capparis. In the south, Protaras Resort borders with the National Park Kavo Greco, in the north with a buffer zone, which shares the Turkish and Greek parts of Cyprus (controlled by UN peacekeepers).

The total length of the beach line – 11 kilometers, where hotels, beaches, taverns, bars are located. Protaras can be called a "resort for lazy rest," here come to swim, sunbathe, eat, drink.

Nightlife, noisy discos and beach parties here is almost never observed. And why, if 10 kilometers is Ayia Napa? About nightlife in Ayia Napa we spoke in the article "Ayia Napa". Families and European pensioners are resting in Protaras.

Protaras is popular with divers due to transparent water and a variety of interesting places under water. It can be said that the attractions underwater here are even more than on the shore. The place of "Zenobia" is especially popular, where in 1980 sank the ferry transporting trucks.


In Protaras, about 120 full-fledged (with assigned stars) of large hotels. Of these, only 3 hotels 5 stars are Grecian Park, Capo Bay Hotel and Sunrise Pearl & SPA. The overwhelming number of hotels 3 and 4 stars.

In addition to large hotels, there are hundreds of mini-hotels, aparthotels, guest houses, apartments and villas for tourists. Over 500 placement options.

If we are going to Protaras yourself, then all of them are at your service, from choosing a head can be sprinkled.

But if you are going a batch tour, the choice is not so great. our tour operators work around 40 hotels. On the one hand, 40 hotels are a lot. But on the other hand, the best hotels do not work with tour operators, these hotels are so beautifully filled.


There are a lot of beaches, of which 8 with the "Blue Flag" – the indicator of high quality water, safety and developed infrastructure for vacationers. The coast from Kavo Greco to the buffer zone is mostly stony, but often found cozy bays with golden sand, where tourists are resting. We will not speak about all such beaches, let’s stop at the most interesting.

Beach Bay Figure (Figing Tree Bay, Fig Tree Bay) – this is the most famous beach of Protaras. It is always crowded, as it is very famous, and the places here are a bit, the length of it is only 150 meters.

Beach Vrishi (VRISI Beach) – the main and largest beach of Protaras, is north of the beach of figs. He has a lot of titles: Flamingo Beach, Dawn Beach (Sunrise Beach), Golden Stay Beach. The length of this beach is 1.5 kilometers, there are almost always free spaces.

Beach Bay Connos (Konnos Bay Beach) is located on the southern border of Protaras area, then the south begins the Kavo Greco National Park. The beach is small – about 200 meters, but there is no crowd of tourists here, the place is remote. Bay Beach Connos was awarded the Blue Flag, surrounded by rocks and hills that protect him from the winds. It is considered one of the best beaches of Cyprus.

Attractions and entertainment

A set of interesting places in Protaras "Elegant" can not be called. However, they are quite enough to diversify beach holidays.

Ocean Aquarium Oceanarium

A small oceanarium is a great way to spend the hottest part of the day. Here you can see 400 species of marine inhabitants, the fauna of the Mediterranean Sea is mainly represented. There are crocodiles, penguins, giant alligator pikes (in the photo on the right, click on the photo to enlarge) and interesting fish cichlids.

In addition to the aquariums and their inhabitants, you can see a small zoo with exotic birds and monkeys, stroll through the tropical garden.

Ocean Aquarium is located in the suburbs of Capparis. From any hotel convenient to drive by taxi or 101 or 102 buses. Ticket price – 13 euro adult and 7 euro children’s.

Read all the details in our article "Ocean Aquarium Protaras".

Show Fontanov Protarasa

Large-scale show of water, sound, light, lasers and pyrotechnics. In the center of fountains there is a layout of a volcano, imitating an eruption with a special pyrotechnic fluid.

Music to the show Posted by Wangelis Papataanssow – the famous author of the soundtracks for the films and the laureate of the Oscar Prize.

Together with the show you can order dinner. Dinner ticket – 38 euros, without dinner – 23 Euro. The venue of the show is located in the suburb of Protaras near the beach of Vrisi.

Read all the details in our article "Show Fontanov Protarasa".

Church of the Prophet Ilya

This small temple in the Byzantine style is located on a hill of 115 meters high. 170 steps lead to top. If you calculate the steps when climbing and when you descend, the difference of your calculations will show the number of your sins.

Upstairs find "Wish Tree". Take a ribbon on his branch, and the mandated desire will be fulfilled. By the end of the summer season, it may turn out that there is no place for the ribbon – the whole tree is occupied.

The building of the church is not ancient, built in the 80s on the site of the old church injured by fire. Inside, you can watch beautiful iconostasis and frescoes with biblical plots.

Read all the details in our article "Church of the Prophet Ilya".

Cape Kavo Greco

Protaras Resort in Cyprus

It is considered one of the most beautiful places in Cyprus. Cliffs of bizarre forms and sea caves sit out relax lovers in nature.

Park at Cape organized hiking and cycling routes. You can see the ruins of the Temple Aphrodite. Pay attention to plants, 14 species grow only in Cyprus.

The Kavo Greco National Park is located in the south of Protaras, reach conveniently on buses 101 or 102, the admission is free.

Read all the details in our article "Cape Kavo Greco".

Diving in Protaras

On the coast of Protaras Record for Cyprus, the number of interesting places for diving with a mask or aqualung.

Place of crashing of the ferry Zenobiya transporting trucks. Depth – 42 meters. In the photo on the right, click on the photo to enlarge.

The crash site of the British destroyer Cricket during World War II. Depth – 33 meters.

Place "Blue Hole" is near Green Bay. Here you can swim along the reef and go down to the underwater canyon. Ideal for beginners, depth – from 5 meters.

Underwater caves Cap Greco. Dangerous, and that having experienced divers. Here you can explore the real caves of Cape Greco.

And dozens of shipwrecks, underwater canyons and reefs. I briefly briefly not tell.

Anastasia Aquamania Waterpark

Small water park at Anastasia Hotel in Perry suburbs. There are only 7 slides, "lazy river", children’s zone and several pools. All rollers water park can be seen in the photo on the right, click on the photo to enlarge.

Suitable for those who are expensive or laziness to go to Ayia NAPU in the large water park Waterworld.

For Hotel Anastasia Hotel Visit free and without restrictions. For external visitors – 15 euros for adult, 7.5 euros for a child.

You can drive on buses 101 or 102. Stop "Parneras 2", fare tickets – 1.5 euros.

Cyclops Cave Caves (Cyclops Cave)

These caves are associated with the episode from the poem "Odyssey" Homer. Returned from the siege of the Troy Greeks, headed by King Odyssem, stuck to the island, in the caves of which Cyclops lived.

It is believed that this island was Cyprus, and this is exactly the most caves. Though. such caves of cyclops are somewhat in Cyprus, and in Crete, and another on several Islands of the Aegean Sea.

Caves shallow but wide. Full safe. You can feel like a speleologist without any risks. In this and the charm of this attraction.

Bar "Flintstone"

If you dreamed from childhood to visit the Flintstone cartoons, then there is such an opportunity in Protaras. This bar gorgeous transfers the atmosphere of the city of Badrock.

Flintstones are popular in Cyprus, here are three such stylized bars – in Paphos, Ayia Napa and Protaras.

Prices do not differ from other bars: Pint beer (0.57l) – 2.5-3 euros, cocktails – 5 euros, juices and water – 2-2.5 euros.

Bar is at the beginning of Protar Street, next to McDonalds and Dancing Fountains. There is also another interesting stylized Sphinx bar.

Ayia Napa

Just 10 kilometers to the southwest is Ayia Napa resort with all its attractions.

Entertainment: Waterworld Waterpark and Amusement Park Parko Paliatso. Cultural Places: Ayia Napa Monastery, Sea Museum, Sculpture Park. Dozens of nightclubs, Nissi Beach Beach.

To take a taxi from Protaras hotels to Ayia Napa – 10-14 euros. Can be reached by buses 101 and 102 in just 1.5 euros per person.

All interesting places of recreation and entertainment, including nightlife, we told in our article "Ayia Napa".

Have a good holiday in Protaras, and read our interesting articles about Cyprus (Links below).

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