Protaras (Protaras)

Protaras (Protaras) – A small resort on the southeastern coast of Cyprus, located between Ayia Vodo and Paralymni, an hour’s drive from Larnaca International Airport.

An ancient Greek levkolla policy was in the ancient times on the territory of the modern protaras. In the city there was a small comfortable harbor, in which in 306 BC. NS. Macedonian Demetriy I Polyorcouquets was waiting for the Egyptian Satrapa Ptolemy to split into the decisive battle of Salamine. Ptolemy fled to himself in Egypt, and Cyprus switched forward in the hands of Demetrius.

To the Turkish conquest of the North Island and, in particular, Famagusts with its beaches and developed tourist business Protaras was only a small village. After the departure of Famagusts to the Turks in the Protaras area, the resort industry began to actively develop and now dozens of hotels, villas, apartments and restaurants are located along the beaches of the resort.

Protaras (Protaras)

There are some of the most beautiful beaches of the island – small golden sand, crystal clear waters and beautiful rocky bays will not leave anyone indifferent. The most famous – Fig Tree Bay (Fig Tree Bay), who received its name for the grove of these most trees surrounding the beach.

Protaras is an ideal place for relaxing families with children, as well as for diving lovers.

Protaras (Protaras)

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