Prostitutes hundred years ago

Canadian Montreal a hundred years ago called Sin City – City of sins. In the era of the Great Depression, life has been hit by the key. In the US, there was a ban on alcohol, gambling and prostitution, and in Canada – no. And thousands of Americans came to burn life to Quebec. In the 40s, the police took up the struggle for the purity of the morals, this is how this portrait gallery of heavy ladies of easy behavior appeared. Images can hardly be called romantic (like these characters – photos of American criminals of the 40s).

However, the topic of prostitution did not pass and Russia. At the sunset of the Empire, it was quite possible to find flirty ads of approximately such a content: "A girl without the past, with an impeccable reputation, but having no money, wants to give everything that he has, who will overcome it 200 rubles". On the history of "free love" in Russia – in our material "Thousand for one night: prostitutes of the our Empire".

Prostitutes hundred years ago

The topic has not disappeared anywhere in the enlightened XXI century. We published chapters from the book "Hi, my name is Lon. Do you like me?"Where the Thai girl named Lon talks about how it happened that the eldest daughters of the province of Isan become on the way of selling love and they do not have options. The topic is generally relevant for the South Asian region, which confirms the photo report "The price of pleasure. Public House in Bangladesh ".

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