Perspectives: for professionals, businessmen and poor relatives

Recently, New Zealand fell out of the field of view of potential emigrants. First, the attention of ours was intently concentrated on Canada and the United States. Secondly, the immigration rules of New Zealand were so strict that the real opportunity to move there units there. However, since April of this year, changes have occurred in New Zealand legislation, which may well return New Zealand to the former glory of the country of traditional immigration.

Recently, the American geographic society amounted to the rating of countries most attractive to life in the future century. It took into account 26 parameters of the most different nature: climate, population density, racial and national contradictions, availability and quality of education, the possibility of visa-free movement around the world, the rate of falling mortality and T. D. So, New Zealand ranked 1st place, ahead of Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, USA and other very attractive state immigrants.

About comparing the quality of life in New Zealand and Russia speech, of course, did not go at all. Suffice it to say that the average new Zealand salary is more than ours 30 times, and student scholarships exceed our stocks. The risk of perishing the hands of criminals in New Zealand is 10 times less than in Russia. And the New Zealand men live on average for 20 years longer than our compatriots.

According to the past decade, in the list of immigrant countries in New Zealand, Russia takes only 13th place. At the same time, a considerable number of our citizens may well satisfy immigration requirements. So, according to experts, the potential interest of ours to moving to New Zealand should be at least the South Korean. What, in theory, should be facilitated by recent changes in the immigration rules of the country.

Before you seriously think about moving to New Zealand, it makes sense to actually appreciate its immigrant chances. You can get the status of a permanent resident (Resident) of New Zealand for a variety of categories, but the main among them is three – general qualifications (General Skills), related (Relative) and business category (Business).

The general qualification category, which is often called professional, most common among ours – so far 99 percent of our compatriots immigrated to New Zealand. The principles of selection of immigrants here are very similar to Australian and Canadian. The main applicant submitting an application (Application) to the embassy must score the required number of points and in addition to comply with a number of additional conditions.

Actually, the passage point is established by the Immigration Service of New Zealand every week, but two years ago he stopped at the mark "25" and since then has never changed. You can recruit the required number of points in several indicators – age, education, work experience in the specialty. Additional points Family can get for the formation of a spouse (spouse) of the main applicant, as well as for the possession of financial resources (2 points on "Price" $ 55.000 each).

Prospects for professionals, businessmen and poor relatives

The main applicant and his households older than 16 years old must also be passed the exam for knowledge of English – IELTS. In addition, you will have to documely confirm that all the leaving family members have good health, have not been tried and are currently under the trial and consequence.

Real chances to immigrate to New Zealand on a business category appeared among the ours only after April 1, 1999. Up to this point, business immigrants were supposed to transfer at least $ 550.000, and even prove that the money is earned by the official way. But from April 1, New Zealand appeared in New Zealand – the Afferent – Category. You send a detailed business plan to the New Zealand immigration service, in which disclose the essence of its idea on the organization of business in the country and explain why this idea (opening of the restaurant, hotel, computer firm, etc. D.) Useful for the economy of New Zealand. At the same time, you must prove that you have the necessary qualifications and experience for doing this business, as well as have funds for financing our own plans.

If the Immigration Service approves the project, you and members of your family will issue a long-term business visa with which you can live and work in New Zealand for 2 years. After that, if the business went successfully, you have every chance to get a residence permit.

Finally, move to New Zealand in a related category. But this path is available only for spouses of citizens or residents of New Zealand, for their parents, children and lonely brothers and sisters. More information about the rules of immigration for each of these categories "I" will tell in the following rooms.

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